Let's really party and extol Christmas hoping that some snowflakes will arrive for December 24th!

To properly decorate the tree and the table for our holidays, let's go to Blanc Mariclò, now also in via dell'Orso, to choose ribbons, bowls and balls full of character!

Then we’ll take a little diversion to the Casa del Bianco to dress our little kids for Christmas night: pyjamas, night shirts, shirts with reindeers, everything is ready for us to be together as a family with pleasing elegance!

Let's take an hour of regenerating relaxation with our closest friends, before the final rush of the preparations: The White Medispa is the perfect, restrained and strategic place to go, its position in the heart of Milan making it even more appealing!

A Christmas cocktail is a must at the bistro of Bianca Maria Palace Hotel, while for an intimate, well-prepared pre-Christmas dinner, let’s go to Bianca, a restaurant of the heart and soul!

A Merry Christmas!


Blanc Mariclò

Viale Regina Giovanna n. 24 - Milano Tel 02 36768696 Go to the site
Blanc Mariclò is a favourite place for fabrics, designer tableware, great bathroom linen and timeless bed linen in the Tuscan tradition with a contemporary, curious touch.A pit-stop at No. 24, Viale Regina Giovanna will really make your Christmas sparkle!


Casa del Bianco

For Kids
Corso Magenta n. 2 - Milano Tel 02 86451471 Go to the site
An long-established traditional Milan institution, year after year this store has managed to prove yet again that it is a real help for mothers who want to ensure a healthy supply of classical yet vivacious clothes for their little ones (up to twelve years of age): comfortable skirts, beautifully made Liberty print shirts, jerseys for all seasons made from timeless fabrics and unique colours, outfits that are always the right length and trousers to suit every taste, either tailor made or produced by renowned brands like Eddy Pen or American Outfitters. Ad-hoc accessories from shoes through to suits; smocks and pyjamas for all Seasons, even customised to order over the Christmas season. All this in an environment that is cosseting, tasteful and not by any means ostentatious, where you can stop the clock for half an hour or so and get to meet two sisters who welcome their customers with practiced composure under the watchful eye of their Mother who is also an impeccable director of operations.


The White Medispa

Via Sebeto n. 1 - Milano Tel 02 87068204 Go to the site
This very white, cosy, pleasant place located in the centre of Milan has a variety of delightfully metropolitan face/body treatments on offer just for you! All the treatments are aimed at helping you to regain your former energy and vigour, tone-up your tired arms and legs and relax your stressed-out mind as much as daily life will allow! The option to arrange dedicated group sessions for you to enjoy with your closest friends is truly heart-warming! No. 1, Via Sebeto.


Bianca Maria Palace Hotel

Viale Bianca Maria n. 4 - Milano Tel 02 83427500 Go to the site
Corinna Cattorini has been able to combine structural renovation with something that remains very dear to our hearts, giving birth to the Bianca Maria Palace Hotel: a new arrival in the Milanese hospitality world that distinguishes itself for its sobriety and attention to detail, as well as its ability to surprise its guests with a medley of soft cushions and delight even the fussiest taste-buds with an amazing selection of quinoa-based dishes!They have a fabulous covered terrace overlooking the city roofs, that is ideal for work meetings, and gardens as well, perfect for an out-of-the-ordinary Autumn cocktail party!



Eating in Milan
Panizza n. 10 - Milano Tel 02 45409037 Go to the site
Its location in a sun-room midway down Corso Vercelli and their exceptional service and cuisine make Bianca the perfect place for a candle-lit dinner or even a lunch with “snake-in-the-grass” relatives, including fresh home-made bread and some truly spectacular entrées! You can also book the dining room or the outdoor area for a hearty cocktail party or crowded dinner party without sacrificing any of the flavour, friendliness or attention to detail. The cuisine is entrusted to the young Omar, who remains true to tradition with his Saffron Risotto, but also delights patrons with his whimsical interpretations of the old-standard Spaghetti with tomato sauce. The dining room instead, where you’re welcomed, served and cosseted with painstaking and unpretentious care and professionalism, is run by Fabio and his very capable team.
Last update: 09 April 2021

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