In the awakening of the senses brought on by these warm days of the end of February, why not get back in shape in a very short time for the famous and hateful swimsuit test? A visit to CityZen definitely balances mind and body with a truly comprehensive yoga-time session! For a workout that also includes dance, the place to go is Fitness Barre Studio, no ifs, no buts! If, however, you want to stick to weights and equipment True Training Studio and 360 Gym are two good, solid and super performing gyms! With a touch of recklessness, we end our invigorating walk with the new courses at RockSpot, a climbing gym in the city!
And may the force be with you!



Via San Francesco d'Assisi n. 15 - Milano Tel 02 36632090 Go to the site
In the always lively surroundings of Porta Ticinese, CityZEN fits in with extreme elegance and style. Offering Yoga in all of its most versatile forms, masters of life skills and thought and events over and above the hours spent in the gym, CityZEN cultivates the body ideal with ancient wisdom, at a pace that is somewhat slower than we’re used to in this town of ours and with truly heart-warming awareness.


Fitness Barre Studio

Via Legnone n. 15 - Milano Tel 349 1935555 Go to the site
In these hurried and volatile times in which we live, Fitness Barre Studio is able to combine our passion for dancing and our need for physical exercise!These days, the latest super-trend is Booty Barre, a harmonious blend of pilates, yoga and ballet: here in town, long-time ballerina Nathalie Ott is the soul and artistic director of this new way to get back in shape!Their idea of charging by the hour for the sessions you attend, instead of the usual set monthly fee, is very clever too! 


True Training Studio

Via Moscova n. 46/3 - Milano Tel 339 6606385 Go to the site
The True Training gym offers you a real opportunity to get back into shape again, to sculpt your already-in-shape physique or even to achieve the impossible with one or more of your already-sculpted muscle-groups! Without being obsessive in any way, Domenico and his staff will be there to skilfully guide you on your merry way towards physical and mental health!No. 46/3, Via Moscova.


360 GYM

Via Moscati n. 11 - Milano Tel 02 94761791 Go to the site
Located at No, 11, Via Moscati, 360 GYM trains generations of enthusiasts of martial arts, combat, dance, jazz and even Core Work, the latest frontier of Pilates that is very dynamic, tiring and amazingly effective! Try it out because it’s a hoot, but then carry on doing it because it’s healthy! Silvia Cassi is an incredible instructor!



Fantoli n. 15/1/i - Milano Tel 02 92801976 Go to the site
A super-duper, mega-gym where you can climb-high at any time of the day or at any time of life. No. 15, Via Fantoli.
Last update: 09 April 2021

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