The cold weather has finally arrived and the rain forces you to limit your trips outdoors!

So how about giving in to your cravings for something sweet to keep out the cold with one of the Officine del Dolce’s sweet treats for one? An urban refuge par excellence!

Then indulge a little by enjoying a classic, consoling lunch at Trippa, a restaurant that is solid, reliable and visionary, all at the same time.

Revisit one of your good-old long standing habits and enjoy one of the always exciting shows at the Teatro di Cosetta Colla: you could always use the valid excuse that you only went there to show the kids a good time!

You could even do something that’s good for you and choose some of the Erboristeria Passiflora’s strategic tisanes, whereas dropping in at Villa Necchi makes you a true Milanese and prepares you for a long winter and a few hours of good music at La Scala!


Officine del dolce

Eating in Milan
Via Massarani n. 2 - Milano Tel 02 39970620 Go to the site
After making Leonardo’s confectionery take off, Paolo Pompetti, together with Enrico and Ttai has now dedicated himself to his own confectionery and to ensuring our daily dose of pleasure with his production of cakes (his chocolate cheesecake is absolutely fabulous), petite pastries and amazing brioches in a corner of Corso Lodi that simply has to become one of our weekly destinations to regenerate the senses! No.2, Via Massarani



Eating in Milan
Vasari n. 3 - Milano Tel 02 36741134 Go to the site
Young chefs, very creative, ready to cook also during a TV spot: Trippa is a classic restaurant with a touch of digital taste!Milan deserves it!


Teatro Cosetta Colla

For Kids
Via Andrea Maffei 19 - Milano Tel 02 55211300 Go to the site
The Sicilian puppetry tradition continues unabated under the skilful direction of Mrs. Cosetta, who strictly and masterfully guides her puppets and her puppeteers to help students and parents learn how to listen and have fun almost the hard way in this age of impersonal, super-quick fare dished up on the television. If you want to give your children something really special and decidedly old-school, set aside two hours on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy a wood and fabric Robin Hood or Alice in Wonderland accompanied by carefully selected music that will make you re-live the joy of a show designed for children and will amaze your little ones and make them wish that they could be enveloped in the strings of the puppets on stage. Evicted once again from the Teatro della Quattordicesima, the Colla creations have moved on to various venues: the Teatro Arsenale, the Silvestrianum and the La Creta, so it would be a good thing to check the show calendar!


Erboristeria Passiflora

Via Canonica n. 9 - Milano Tel 02 39433720 Go to the site
“Mens sana in corpore sano”! Anything is possible at No. 9, Via Canonica. The Erboristeria Passiflora advises us, chooses for us, educates us and protects our bodies to improve and fine-tune our minds. Their Saturday afternoon events and special courses are not to be missed!


Villa Necchi Campiglio

Mozart n. 14 - Milano Tel 02 76340121 Go to the site
The Necchi family left this magnificent villa, rigorous and functional in its design,  to the Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI – Italian Environment Fund). Hidden in the heart of Milan and following its careful and meticulous restoration, it  offers guided tours which drop visitors directly in the life of the Necchi family, their love for music, art and fashion (the wardrobes still filled with vintage garments are strangely moving) with the rational simplicity that attracts us so much to those times. The perfect setting for events of sober entertainment, it starred in the film by the Sicilian director Guadagnino "Io sono l'amore": the portrait of Milanese high bourgeoisie is extremely banal but the photography is certainly worth seeing!
Last update: 09 April 2021

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