Halloween has long since begun to invade our homes with all-consuming glee!

To ensure that you’re not caught unprepared, a little trip down to Carpe Diem is a must, followed immediately by Tiger, to pick up a few gadgets, masks, tricks and ideas for the longest night of the year!

Should you then wish to try your hand at rustling up a few suitable cakes, pumpkin cupcakes or bloody lollipops, Mambriani awaits you with every conceivable kind of cooking aid, including baking trays, cookie-cutters, tiny glasses and myriad other devilish necessities to satisfy even the most demanding of palates!

But to try a bit of full immersion into the American atmosphere of this horror and sweetness fest, why not drop in at Vanilla Bakery for an afternoon snack in perfect Halloween mood?

And if you need the perfect soundtrack for a night of terror, Metropolis has all the likely little gems for you music and vinyl record enthusiasts out there!

Creeeeeeeepy time!


Carpe Diem

Viale Tunisia n. 1 - Milano Tel 02 29517833 Go to the site
Carpe Diem has been here in Milan absolutely forever! Any excuse is good enough for a little impromptu visit, whether you’re looking for a totally unexpected gift, something creative or have a grandchild that you really want to surprise! Gadgets a go-go to satisfy every need or desire! Anything goes!



Meravigli n. 1 - Milano Tel 02 89096708 Go to the site
Absolute Heaven on Earth!This brilliant chain of eclectic stores that has recently arrived in Milan from the depths of northern-Europe is now delighting us with their range of extremely-colourful modular boxes, notebooks of every conceivable type and size, amazing salt and pepper shakers and imaginative hairclips and wigs.Impulse-buying is certainly made less painful by their bargain-basement pricing on all their tempting wares: from as little as one Euro to a maximum of five Euro apiece!


Casalinghi Mambriani

Via Belfiore n. 14 - Milano Tel 02 48007851 Go to the site
A true temple of essential, or even non-essential, accessories for the perfect kitchen! Don’t miss their “tiny to huge” storage container section: absolute heaven for anyone who loves having everything neatly stashed away, but in a fun way!A historic store and a fabulous family: for any real cook, lover of kitchen-accessories or collector of ladles, Mambriani is still the place to go! 


Vanilla Bakery

Eating in Milan
San Siro n. 2 - Milano Tel 02 48102542 - 345 3310446 Go to the site
Vanilla Bakery epitomises the Milanese version of the all-American-style tea room in the film “American Girl”: all in various shades of pink, an endless variety of decorated cakes and biscuits, a plethora of marshmallow delights and, of course, a marvellously attractive array of cupcakes! Their coffee shop is very well-appointed and is, in my humble opinion, set to give the California Bakery and its monopoly a good run for its money! A good place to try a Sunday brunch based on their heavenly Eggs Benedict.



Viale Padova n. 104 - Milano Tel 02 2894942 Go to the site
Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl: compared to vinyl records, High Fidelity seems like a bit of a joke!For my generation Metropolis is a cult icon, a place where we grew up in terms of music knowledge and culture and discovered new passions, new friends and old memories.In my opinion, to say anything more would be pedantic!
Last update: 09 April 2021

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