Let's enjoy these days of the Easter break, with a raw chocolate egg all inlaid with hazelnuts, a delight that has come down to earth, under the name of Grezzo Raw Chocolate.

Wanting, however, to remain faithful to tradition, genuine eggs and bunnies are always and faithfully waiting for us from Odilla.

The colomba of the Pasticceria Lizzy is so fragrant and scented that it can be stored without problem at home so that it lasts until Easter, saved by the delicious bunnies that every family knows so well!

For a fresh and witty look let's rely on the always surprising taste of cream and chocolate, while to decorate the Easter table or to make the egg hunt more intriguing, Carpe Diem is the answer!

Happy Easter!


Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Eating in Milan
Via Pastrengo n. 2 - Milano Tel 02 8276234 Go to the site
We love Grezzo! This patisserie is a cosy shop that is well cared for in Via Pastrengo, and it knows how to make the young and old alike feel good. Grezzo surprises with its vegan chocolate preparations that are lactose‑free, gluten‑free and raw! Made with cacao paste, almonds, hazelnuts and coconut milk: this chocolaty mix is perfectly calibrated for bonbons, pralines, tartufo ice-cream, gelati and even classic chocolate bars! You’ll go crazy over this place, because it’s a cafe too!


Odilla Chocolat

Eating in Milan
Corso Garibaldi n. 38 - Milano Tel Go to the site
Odilla has just arrived here in Milan with its traditional Turin cuisine and is already creating a stir!  They couldn’t have chosen any more likely spot than No. 48, Corso Garibaldi! You simply have to give this place a try, especially now that the Holidays are fast approaching.


Pasticceria Lizzy

Eating in Milan
Piazza Giorgio Ambrosoli n. 1 - Milano Tel 02 48005498 Go to the site
Lizzy, the centuries-old Milanese confectionery, has always managed to politely and unassumingly satisfy its customers’ needs and adapt to the ups and downs of the food industry.  Excellent catering that’s always innovative and never dull, without any compromise in the interests of speed.  Here taste and tradition go hand-in-hand! Based on these guidelines, Lizzy now offers a classic range of cakes, biscuits and mini-pastries that she supplements with new ideas from time to time, like her corn bread filled with dark chocolate and hazelnut cream (which can also be purchased separately) that’s enough to make even the most ardent health-freak surrender!


Panna e Cioccolato

Montebello n. 14 - Milano Tel 02 6571246 Go to the site
This area is one of my all time favourites precisely because it is new and creative without ever giving way to trendiness: running through the old-favourite Brera district, Via Montebello is tree-lined, with an urban but not totally metropolitan feel and it’s always a great street to stroll down.At No. 14, Panna e Cioccolato offers outfits made from print-fabrics that are always fresh and innovative and shoes and accessories that are original but not too “magazine-cover”.


Carpe Diem

Viale Tunisia n. 1 - Milano Tel 02 29517833 Go to the site
Carpe Diem has been here in Milan absolutely forever! Any excuse is good enough for a little impromptu visit, whether you’re looking for a totally unexpected gift, something creative or have a grandchild that you really want to surprise! Gadgets a go-go to satisfy every need or desire! Anything goes!
Last update: 09 April 2021

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