Let's try to have a stroll in Milan looking forward to eating the best ramen in town!

Ready, steady, go! 

Zazà ramen at Solferino it's the classic way to enjoy ramen: ramen, soba end a perfect broth, light and intense at the same time!

Casa ramen it's the japanese spot in town, very hopster, very Isola moood!

Hana, at Paolo Giovio, is keen on veg broth and classic ramen: the location makes all very shiny and new!

Basara as well gets the perfect mood to enjoy a hot and juicy ramen bowl!

Ba Asian Mood  is specialised in ramen with broth and with out: all very tasty!

Ramen for President!


Zazà Ramen

Eating in Milan
Via Solferino n. 48 - Milano Tel 02 367999000 Go to the site
Nice place, huge table to share and ramen as you like! Meet you there?  


Casa Ramen

Eating in Milan
Via Porro Lambertenghi n. 25 - Milano Tel 02 39444560 Go to the site
A real little Japanese gem right here in town. Casa Ramen offers enthusiasts proper Japanese Ramen (wheat-flour noodles in a meat or fish soup), a cosy ambience and a real Japanese atmosphere. Located in the Isola District, of course! No bookings accepted, you just turn up, wait your turn and like everyone else and then sit down and enjoy!


Hana Restaurant

Eating in Milan
Via Paolo Giovio n. 3 - Milano Tel 02 48197213 Go to the site
Hana Restaurant is an old acquaintance of ours, but a few months ago they appointed a new chef: Chef Ruwan, ex sous-chef at Armani Nobu, doesn’t limit himself to his experience of Japanese cuisine but personalises his dishes by adding a touch of jalapeno and he also doesn’t overlook the Sicilian red prawns. A skilful blend of mixed experience and clearly defined, strong flavours that are never intrusive. The appetisers are also just as good! No. 3, Via Paolo Giovio.



Eating in Milan
Corso Italia n. 6 - Milano Tel 02 72020141 Go to the site
I love the Basara located in Corso Italia in the evening because all the faceless people seem to leave the area and it fills up with real people: an excellent time to enjoy some well-made, never run-of-the-mill sushi with highlights of Japanese originality for true sushi lovers! No. 6, Corso Italia.


Ba Asian Mood

Eating in Milan
Ravizza n. 10 - Milano Tel 02 4693206 Go to the site
Aways new and freshed, Ba Asian Mood has already seduced the milanese fans of the oriental cuisine not only for the high quality of the food but also for the atmpshre of the location!Marco (Giulia is now successfully dedicated to the Gong experience!) is always ready to welcome you and recommend the best choice on the menu to enjoy your dinner or Sunday brunch: the perfect master of the house!Coming back will be always a great idea! 
Last update: 09 April 2021

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