Taking a quick walk through the streets of Milan while thinking about training for some of the autumn marathons...

Our departure point is the always magical Brera, with the sparkling new windows of MiLaura in Corso Garibaldi. From there we head straight towards Via Marsala, where the Utopia Bookshop always welcomes us in with a thousand suggestions.

Unblemished and without fear we continue on to take an initial spin into the world of High Tech: a historic concept store that has shown that it knows how to reinvent itself over the span of years, and which has helped us to grow as citizens of the world!

Next we turn towards Central Station and stop for a Chinese dumpling the way it should be made at MuDimSum, before finishing surrounded by the beauty and culture of history at the Shoah Memorial, because knowledge is freedom!



Corso garibaldi n. 35 - Milano Tel 02 89093905 Go to the site
A new showcase in Corso Garibaldi: a concept-store for ladies’ accessories and creative outfits, something that we really, really need rather desperately, quite frankly!Sublime!


Utopia Bookshop

Via Marsala n. 2 - Milano Tel 02 29003324 Go to the site
After so many changes of address, the Libreria Utopia has once again returned to its true location in via Marsala 2: simply a legend!


High Tech

Piazza XXV Aprile n. 12 - Milano Tel 02 6241101 Go to the site
First concept store arrived in town, High Tech is well performing nowadays: always new ideas for the table and the stationery as well, everyone could spend hours there with no reasons or purposes at all!Simply great! 



Eating in Milan
Via Aminto Caretto n. 3 - Milano Tel 3383582658 Go to the site
Located in the Central Station area, MUdimsum immediately became renowned for its fabulous steamed dumplings and Sunday brunch. It really is the dimsum that Working Girl Melanie Griffith went mad for way back in the eighties! The fillings are flawless, and they are perfectly cooked with a full and dense texture. Don’t forget to try the bao — the classic Chinese steamed buns — which can surprise and delight us with their sweet and sour stuffed pork filling or mixed vegetables in shrimp sauce. They are a delight for both the eyes and the palate!  Unfilled buns are called “mantou”, learn something new every day! Airy environs with extreme charm.Via Aminto Caretto no.3


Memoriale della Shoah

Largo Safra n. 1 - Milano Tel 02 2820975 Go to the site
Leaving from Track 21 more than seven hundreds of milanese people, just 22 of them got back safe at home: pay a visit remind us about the past and warn us about the future.Open only on Mondays and once a month, the last Sunday.
Last update: 09 April 2021

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