In this very pleasant and cool Springtime preview, the longing to see everything dressed in pink, like magical Tokyo, is perfectly natural!
So let’s start by looking for some flower-filled places, like Mint Market in the vicinity of Via Buenos Aires or Visualideas in the Vercelli area, where they know exactly how to raise the heart and the spirit with cut flowers, and not forgetting the creative workshop of Domitilla, located in the nearby Via Rasori.
You could always plan to spend the afternoon in the historic gardens at the Orto Botanico di Brera before ending the day in style with an awesome sundowner at the Fioraio Bianchi Cafè.
Here’s to happy hearts!


Mint Garden

Via Felice Casati n. 12 - Milano Tel 02 20241182 Go to the site
I really don’t like to abuse the term concept-store, but in the case Mint Garden it really does fit perfectly: plants, flowers, vases, costume-jewellery, and …. you name it!The red metro-line and the harmonious colours, the intensity of the fragrant smells and the magic of plants, which always make for great decor, pleasantly accompany you on your way through this city that often struggles to recognise that “green feeling”!



Elba n. 8 - Milano Tel 02 91434977 - 342 5872246 Go to the site
Dilva has been the both the soul of, and the mind behind Moscova libri e robe for the past thirty years now! Vintage clothing, incredible objects and a crazy number of objects inhabit this timeless place in such a way that a Nineteen-Thirties hat box or parasol could take up residence in your home with the kind of ease that you should always encourage! 


Domitilla Baldeschi

Rasori n. 7 - Milano Tel 347 4704632 Go to the site
A floral workshop where flowers are adored, exalted and sacrificed on the altar of beauty!Magic, Domitilla!The workshops they run for children are also very good.


Botanical garden

Brera n. 28 - Milano Tel 02 50314680 Go to the site
Starting life in 1700, the Milanese Orto Botanico (Botanical Garden) is now going through a new stage of well-deserved re-organisation , re-vitalisation and re-consideration! Apart from the historic Ginko which has always grown there, the structure, the plants conserved in it, the richness of the books and inspirations, are all of such a nature that they cannot be overlooked in our Milan, all to be given their due appreciation! Access also from Via Fratelli Gabba 10 or via Fiori Chiari 4.


Fioraio Bianchi Caffè

Eating in Milan
Montebello n. 7 - Milano Tel 02 29014390 - 333 7469333 Go to the site
A venue with an established reputation as the place to go for a quick lunch or a romantic dinner. Its location in a former flower-arranging workshop that has celebrated many graduations makes this venue even more unique and always relaxing.Sometimes the service in the dining room may appear to be somewhat chaotic but the wait will definitely be worthwhile because their soups never ever disappoint and they top up the bread basket on a regular basis.
Last update: 09 April 2021

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