Our favourite little gem here in town is difficult to ignore, but we have to keep an eye on what’s new as well!
So let’s take a look at a few intriguing out of the way places that we know will be time well spent and are like a breath of fresh air.
The Viboldone Abbey located in the San Giuliano Milanese district could well be an excellent starting point for a pleasant tour for souls longing for a bit of culture and reflection, whereas the Museo Molteni, an ode to great design located in Via Guissano and a spot that remembers the past with a dash of liveliness, could well flirt with the beauty of essentiality the way we like it!
A third enjoyable and revitalising destination could be the Fondazione Minoprio with its huge variety of trees that entice you out into nature and generate awareness of the landscape and the colours of wellness.
The Fuoribinario Bistrot in Via Rodano, instead, offers excellent food and wine in a train car named desire …
Casa Testori, located in Novate Milanese, offers you the chance to end this little mini-tour of marvels by living and breathing the life and times of one of the greats all times, Giovanni Testori,  who gave each of us so much in terms of emotions and knowledge!


Abbazia di Viboldone

dell'Abbazia n. 7 - San Giuliano Milanese Tel 02 9841203 Go to the site
The Viboldone Abbey, during the times, has become the sign of the milanese tradition of hard work and truly devotion within the marvellous red bricks of the monument!


Molteni Museum

Rossini n. 50 - Giussano (MI) Tel 800 387489 Go to the site
On the 80th anniversary of the foundation of its effervescent and prolific business, Molteno has given us a museum of memories, impressions and special collections designed by Jasper Morrison, to be visited assiduously!


Fondazione Minoprio

Viale Raimondi n. 54 - Vertevate con Minoprio (CO) Tel 031 900224 Go to the site
A green oasis within twenty minutes from Milan, a visit every other weekend is a must!  The Fondazione Minoprio Park does not limit itself to imparting an overwhelming sense of greenery sufficient to inebriate the pure city-dwelling Milanese, it even convinces them to remain through the almost suffocating choice of workshops for children, flower arranging courses for adults  and professional training for young landscape designers of the future. There’s no choice but to learn your way there! It’s always best to check the programme of events in advance. 



Eating in Milan
Turati n. 20 - Rodano Tel 380 7521812 Go to the site
A late 19th Century British train carriage and a great desire to try new things and to rediscover the joy of being together in good spirit are what drives the Bistro in Rodano that is the brainchild of Monica Sartori Cesari. From Russian cocktails through to a dinner that spans the whole of Italy, anything is possible and doable here! Always welcome!


Casa Testori

Largo A. Testori n. 13 - Novate Milanese (MI) Tel 02 36589697 Go to the site
This is a gem that was in danger of being neglected and abandoned but which, thanks to the perspicacious support of the Associazione Testori, survives today with the recognition and visibility it deserves. The magnificent collection of paintings gathered together by Giovanni Testori in his visionary role of art critic and art lover,  is presented to us in the natural ambience of the house where he lived throughout his life and is today the attractive setting for prestigious and enchanting exhibitions. It’s a good idea to check the programme of events before you visit! 
Last update: 02 June 2021

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