In the exuberance of early-springtime, it’s perfectly natural to yearn for something new and different and to go wandering through the streets of Milan, tasting the wares and sniffing out the most creative nooks and crannies that are ready to face the new season in the life of our town, which is all about “Permanent online connection”!
But first you have to doll yourself up with the right, strictly informal look, which means a mandatory trip down to the Luter Store in Corso di Porta Ticinese.
A good dose of protein is essential before you hit the web, so why not start with a hamburger selected via iPad at Ham Holy in the Brera district or their Via Marghera branch?
Then head down to MiniMondo at the Università Statale in Via Sant’Antonio, to take a solo snapshot of yourself, or with friends, and pick up your very own “Star Trek”, 3D mini statuette!
Next, with an open mind and wide-open eyes, head down to Open, in Viale Piave, where you can chat online, choose a book, hold an important meeting and even open a new blog, all in just one afternoon.
Ready to end off in style at FabLab for a do it yourself, 3D print  or a course where you learn to create your own multimedia platform and implement that famous Plan B?
For sure!


Iuter Store

Corso di Porta Ticinese n. 48 - Milano Tel 02 84253390 Go to the site
Hge and marvellous space, fitted out just with backpacks, hoodies and belts, very Urban Outfitters' style! 


Ham Holy Burger

Eating in Milan
Via Palermo n. 15 - Milano Tel 02 875510 Go to the site
Already an established institution in the ever-changing Brera district, this little nook of meat and sauce is really a novel idea! You place your order via Ipad, not essential but extremely fun because then, while you’re waiting for the food, you get to browse the Internet in good company!  You get to enjoy great hamburgers made from genuine Piedmont meat, dressed with a range of amazing, always-fresh sauces and served on excellent, well-leavened and very healthy buns! They also have a range of different potato side-orders to suit all tastes and inclinations!  Whether you prefer standard chips, matchstick chips or roast-potato lookalikes with or without Rosemary, you really can’t complain about their eclectic range high-quality options. The only down side is that they don’t take bookings! The younger sibling in Via Marghera is just as good!


Mini Mondo 3D

Sant'Antonio n. 9 - Milano Tel 02 58430461 Go to the site
Milan as the Silicon Valley: at Mini Mondo 3D you can give life to a picture of your grandparents or a doodle of your children, now ready to the College!Simply Haeven! 



Viale Montenero n. 6 - Milano Tel 02 83425610 Go to the site
Open has just arrived at Viale Montenero 6, a multi-tasking initiative seeking to guide Milan to Berlin and back! Not only is it a special bookshop  in its own right because of the highly select and unusual books floating in the air, it’s also possible to taste the magnificent rolls produced by the artist Ottimo Massimo or try out the adventure of an e-book whose choice is made easier by the presence of a knowledgeable and solicitous expert (a new professional career!). In addition to all that there is the shop’s great table where one can sit to reflect, read or work, a co-working space that Open offers its customers: are you still at home?



S. Schiaffino n. 11 - Milano Tel 349 3651790 Go to the site
Unbelivable in town just three years ago, FabLab is one of the thousands of webdesign ideas and labs in Milan!One of the best, of course! 
Last update: 09 April 2021

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