As the 22nd of November approaches, it seems to me to be quite natural to walk around town, getting a whiff of some "American incense"...Let’s start at the American Diner par-excellence, namely American Donuts, which stands loud and proud in Via Sirtori! Then continue on to the Royal Palace to enjoy the American-Autumn exhibitions dedicated to two absolute giants, Pollock and Warhol, before heading for Via Torino to slow down both the pace and the mind with a little visit to the USA Shop!  Located just nearby, the American Book Shop is a must, maybe to pick up a great little publication on the very original American artist William Congdon, who chose to set up the headquarters of his Foundation in Buccinasco, another place you really should visit! Camelot forever!


American Donuts

Eating in Milan
Sartori n. 4 - Milano Tel 02 39469493 Go to the site
The proper American diner, American Donuts livens up an evening with Alfred and a very-young Ron Howard-Richie Cunningham! For all you nostalgics out there! After 7.30pm, take-aways only and no sit-down service.


USA Shop

Torino n. 73 - Milano Tel 02 72011271 Go to the site
Born as a place for vintage clothing from the Seventies, it has become a reference point for street art and cool sneakers even if the Italian preference is shameless.


American Bookstore

Camperio n. 16 - Milano Tel 02 878920 Go to the site
It is based at a historic address, nothing new there, but the novelties that this store has been selling for years are truly impressive! I’m not only referring to the books in their original language  which are worth browsing through in their material form before deciding whether or not to buy, having had enough of Amazon! I’m also referring, above all, to the sheer quantity of items from Britain and its colonies, enough to make Harrods’s 5th floor go pale! These include door-stops, bags and purses, Christmas decorations, boxes, clothes hangers, board games, note-books and table mats are a source of joy for the curious, greed for the extravagant and necessity for greeting card fetishists. Their collection of old books, including Italian books, is exceptional, knowledgeably presided over in the basement by a refined connoisseur who is also a pleasure to talk to, but only  present in the store between 2 and 4 p.m.


The William G. Congdon Foundation

Viale Lombardia n. 10 - Buccinasco Tel 02 36577365 Go to the site
Keeping faith with Action Painting, William Congdon was able to recognise that the time for NY aggression had come to an end and sweet Europe, luminous Africa, old Venice and even a monastery near Milan were places for truly incredible discoveries and re-birth! The Foundation looks after and promotes his works including online sales. All to be discovered!
Last update: 09 April 2021

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