In order to pay homage to a true Lady of Music like Cathy Berberian, who managed to masterfully combine not only her passion for singing and her passion for the works of Woody Allen, but also her love of maestro Berio’s work and photography in general, you could start at the Headquarters of the Associazone Aigam in the Porta Ticinese area, for your little one’s budding musical needs, and then move on to the legendary Prina for a take-away xylophone, perhaps!

While you’re in the area, it absolutely makes sense to drop in at Serendeepity for an eclectic mix of fashion and vinyl records, before heading off down to Via Camperio and the American Bookstore, the perfect place for a bit of great Woody Allen setting! Tired but happy, you could then elbow your way into Verger’s in Largo La Foppa for their signature combination of good food and really great music.




For Kids
Ripa di Porta Ticinese n. 39 - Milano Tel 02 83241764 Go to the site
A true refuge for mothers and a developing talent for real newborns! It was just nine years ago, after the birth of our little girl, that I first got to know Federica and the Gordon Method for introducing little ones to music right from their first few weeks of life and I will never stop recommending her to other people. Following Federica’s suggestion, a one hour-long session per week in well-defined groups is an investment we make to broaden the minds of our children, as well as a pause to recharge for mothers in the difficult moths after giving birth. As the months and years pass the course then changes to become an introduction to a musical instrument or choir training experience. Every zone in Milan is mapped: there are various branches operating on the basis of different family and work-related needs and staffed by various teachers, all of whom are trained to use the Gordon Method.


Le Note Colorate

Via Donizetti n. 8 - Milano Tel 02 54120875 Go to the site
An all-musical bookstore where even the games know how to dance and ideas are in tune with the beat of your heart!



Corso di Porta Ticinese n. 100 - Milano Tel 02 89400420 Go to the site
Vinyl and a vintage look, what more could you ask of any store? Absolutely nothing, if the truth be told! If, in addition, the atmosphere is always party-like and the décor is absolutely dreamy, then a visit to Serendeepity is destined to become a daily habit.


American Bookstore

Camperio n. 16 - Milano Tel 02 878920 Go to the site
It is based at a historic address, nothing new there, but the novelties that this store has been selling for years are truly impressive! I’m not only referring to the books in their original language  which are worth browsing through in their material form before deciding whether or not to buy, having had enough of Amazon! I’m also referring, above all, to the sheer quantity of items from Britain and its colonies, enough to make Harrods’s 5th floor go pale! These include door-stops, bags and purses, Christmas decorations, boxes, clothes hangers, board games, note-books and table mats are a source of joy for the curious, greed for the extravagant and necessity for greeting card fetishists. Their collection of old books, including Italian books, is exceptional, knowledgeably presided over in the basement by a refined connoisseur who is also a pleasure to talk to, but only  present in the store between 2 and 4 p.m.



Eating in Milan
Mugello n. 7 - Milano Tel 02 89057883 - 348 5122384 Go to the site
A New York-style venue right here in Milan, hurrah! Three floors of food and fashion located on the ever-bright Via Varese. Here, from early morning breakfast all the way through to a late-night snack after the movies, you can sample some very traditional Veneto regional dishes, revisited and adapted for urban survival! Their focus on organic products and real “home-made” bread continue to blow us away! Their Wi-Fi hotspot and very precisely deployed fashion collection make this venue a fun place for a visit and a good gossip!
Last update: 09 April 2021

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