It may be hard to believe, but Milan doesn’t actually have an established and recognised facility that brings together the various aspects of the oriental art that is so much part of our being and our collective imagination. Our oriental art facilities are unfortunately still a far cry from the oriental museums in Paris and London, but we shouldn’t lose hope... The Museo Archeologico in Corso Magenta alone houses a number of Ganhara sculptures, while the Pime, as the Pontificate’s Museum of Peoples and Cultures established by the Istituto delle Missione Estere and situated in the nearby Via Mosè Bianchi, houses a few prime examples of the immense collection of historical art works from around the world. So it’s important to spend a Saturday morning shuttling between the two in order to decently map out the fabric of Milanese oriental art.
Moving on from the sacred to something a little lighter, you could stop for a creative lunch of top-class Chinese cuisine at Be Asian Mood in Via Ravizza, before taking off again with a visit to the very-central Renzo Freschi Gallery in Via Gesù, for a proper sample of vintage and modern Tibetan art. Thirty years of intensive research and delving into history have turned this Milanese museum space and repository into a truly unique, one-of-a-kind facility.


Archaeological Museum

Corso Magenta n. 15 - Milano Tel 02 88445208 Go to the site
Secluded, crowded but not dusty, the Milan Archaeological Museum always moves me because, from the Romans to Indian civilisations, it guides us through a past which we should have the understanding to visit with greater wisdom and awareness in order to lighten our experience of the present!



Mosè Bianchi n. 94 - Milano Tel 02 438201 Go to the site
Pime, the Museo dei Popoli e delle Culture (the Museum of Peoples and Culture), has been collecting items of oriental art from the end of the 19th century onwards, with care, awareness and  an a spirit that allows us to breathe in and fill our lungs with its mental and cultural openness, items which would otherwise be unknown to Milan! And don’t forget the cultural initiatives for children held every weekend!


Ba Asian Mood

Eating in Milan
Ravizza n. 10 - Milano Tel 02 4693206 Go to the site
Aways new and freshed, Ba Asian Mood has already seduced the milanese fans of the oriental cuisine not only for the high quality of the food but also for the atmpshre of the location!Marco (Giulia is now successfully dedicated to the Gong experience!) is always ready to welcome you and recommend the best choice on the menu to enjoy your dinner or Sunday brunch: the perfect master of the house!Coming back will be always a great idea! 


Renzo Freschi Oriental Art

Gesù n. 17 - Milano Tel 02 794574 Go to the site
Renzo Freschi has managed to realise a truly magical objective: to blend an indomitable passion with a professional desire to please.After years of research, study and tireless dedication, Renzo Freschi has finally created this little corner of oriental art in Milan that manages to draw in demanding experts and curious newbies alike, who stand and stare in amazement and admiration at this world of a thousand and one artistic and philosophical treasures.
Last update: 09 April 2021

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