As long-time enthusiasts of everything Japanese and having just returned from a rejuvenating trip, we really feel like continuing the adventure by strolling through Milan and, at the same time, paying our respects to those who, before us, drew inspiration from Japanese culture to revive and enrich all our lives.

Your first must-do stop is at Silos Armani: where better than Re Giorgio’s to delve into everything Japanese?

The next mandatory stop is at Orlandi’s place: Queen Rossana Orlandi always displays high regard for the Empire of the Rising Sun!

Your third stop will naturally be at Corso Como 10: Madame Sozzani’s offerings have always been, still are and always will be East oriented!

The next must-do stop is at the Richard Ginori store in Via Pontaccio to remember the all-Japanese sensitivity of a truly revolutionary designer’s mind, namely that of Paola Navone!

Then on to lunch or dinner at Fukurou, obviously, to delight the palate with the delicate flavours of a cuisine that goes way beyond the run of the mill sushi!



Armani Silos

Bergognone n. 40 - Milano Tel Go to the site
Recently opened, the Armani Silos is a very generous gift from Mr. Armani to our city: colours, location, grey details all around and also a digital archive of his outfit sketches make the visit unforgettable!Thank you for now and for ever, Mr. Armani! 


Rossana Orlandi

Matteo Bandello n. 14 - Milano Tel 02 4674471 Go to the site
Internal courtyard in via Bandello: after the dreary classic-ness of the residential area, here you can sit down and catch your breath in the furnished garden to prepare yourself for your mission (and there’s no way that a visit to Orlandi’s could ever be anything less than a mission) into the Orlandi store. Their custom and customisable tableware, beautifully-made French porcelain goods, fanciful carpets and eccentric lamps welcome and amaze you at the same time.Go up to the second floor and you could literally spend hours opening the wall-mounted drawers, each of which is filled with absolute marvels: different-coloured cutlery, painted Scarab-beetles for decorating your dining table, as well as plates and cups in a variety of different materials, colours and styles, all housed between wooden clothes-hangers, vintage chairs and works by various young, up-and-coming Italian and foreign artists.After this full-immersion experience into the world of originality and colour, even the garden out front will suddenly seem rather ordinary.


Carla Sozzani Gallery

Corso Como n. 10 - Milano Tel 02 653531 Go to the site
Galleria Carla Sozzani is more than just the cult location for photography lovers. Words are inadequate to add to the history of the place save as a note “a modo mio”: The whiteness of the spaces serves as a welcome for, never a distraction from, the exhibited works, always providing well-informed lucidity to stylistic and  artistic views and subjects. If we then add that the bookshop is always sensationally up-to-date, that is all that needs to be said!


Richard Ginori 1735

Via San Marco n. 3 - Milano Tel 02 89011646 Go to the site
In the Brera District you can find the new home of the Ginori history: set your own table with them could not be more delicious!



Eating in Milan
Trivulzio n. 16 - Milano Tel 02 40073383 Go to the site
True and original japanese food in town: sea breams with fish eggs and the soba noodles.Necessary call to reserve a table to avoid any disappointments!
Last update: 11 August 2021

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