In these surreal days of fear, bewilderment, maximum doubt, we could always enjoy our city reactively, as we Milanese know and want to do, and wander the streets of Milan, really strolling through fascinating places, all outdoors and without details socializing contacts!
Let's start from the Certosa di Garegnano, imposing and magnificently glorious to approach the center through vases and creations of the Fornace Curti, a courtyard of pure craftsmanship in the city!
We continue towards the gem of San Bernardino alle Ossa and its magical complex and then go to choose a doc and very trendy magazine at the Edicola di Largo Treves: a stop that smacks of printed paper, of the world, of metropolitan travel! and let's enjoy our Castello that always collects our best thoughts!
Health be with us all!


Certosa di Garegnano

Garegnano n. 28 - Milano Tel 02 38006301 Go to the site
Founded outside the City walls as early as 1349, the Certosa di Garegnano was designed to provide the monks who lived and prayed there the tranquillity, peace and contemplation appropriate for a life dedicated to the Eternal. The frescos decorating its interior are by Peterzano, Caravaggio’s teacher, and Crespi,  and are of indescribable magnificence. A visit to this monastery opens onto rapturous new dimensions!


Curti Kiln

Walter Tobagi n. 8 - Milano Tel 02 8135049 Go to the site
This is one of those many places in Milan which has the ability to astonish: the Milan of modern politics just disappears recovering its renaissance spirit in all its fascination! The Curti family expanded its activities to various places from 1400 onwards, without ever abandoning the Ticinese area or its love for the fiery trade of furnaces and kilns. Today you can visit the individual ateliers of the artists operating on the premises. In addition you will find pottery and other products of all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes , all the materials necessary to use a pottery wheel or make the ceramics themselves. Indeed you’ll have the opportunity of making something yourself with the skilled assistance of well-trained and enthusiastic staff. There is also an area which can be hired out for suppers and events (with use of a kitchen) allowing the organisation of a truly original evening capable of suiting all needs.


San Bernardino alle Ossa

Via Verziere n. 2 - Milano Tel Go to the site
Built way back in the year 1200, San Bernardino alle Ossa stands on the spot formerly occupied by the Ospedale del Brolo, a former leprosy hospital. The current Ossuary and the Church only came about in 1750 following the serious damage that occurred in 1600 when the nearby Santo Stefano bell tower collapsed. This is a place that is at the same time fascinating, painful and particularly evocative and equally rich in history and anecdotes. It is said that on the 2nd November each year a little girl comes back to life and walks around leading all the other skeletons in a rather macabre dance... Absolutely not to be missed is the grate located in front of the main altar, through which you get a glimpse of the ten steps leading down to the Disciples’ Sepulchre, a crypt containing the remains of members of the local brothers of the Ossuary cult and on the walls of which you can see the famous 21 masonry niches where the Disciples laid their brothers to rest, wrapped in their tunics and with a tablet on their heads bearing their names as the sole distinguishing feature in the total absence of anything else. To be viewed with the utmost sober respect.


Edicola Largo Treves

Largo Treves - Milano Tel Go to the site
The Largo Trevis newspaper stall has been around forever, satisfying all the various glossy paper tastes of the very demanding and increasingly international Milanese people: from Holland to Prague, every conceivable magazine, weekly, six-monthly or annual publication can be found in this green cubicle in the Brera district, which also knows just how to dress up for special occasions, like during Design Week 2018 when the whole place was entirely dedicated to Cabana Magazine. , a real urban icon!
Last update: 09 April 2021

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