Fabrizio Moiraghi is the prime example of the man who has managed to turn his innate passion into a profession, namely his passion for Gardening to be precise!

My use of the capital letter G above is entirely intentional because everything about Fabrizio is decidedly upper-case: his design ability, his practical skills, his background and training, and his dedication to finding the perfect spot for every plant irrespective of whether it happens to be in your garden, on your patio or in even in your home-office!

His focus on the plants however never comes before your preferences as home-owner, your ideas or your garden dreams, which will always come true if Fabrizio has his way!

Take it from a converted brown-thumb like myself!

Always better to make an appointment beforehand.


Via Jean Juares n. 8 - Milano
Tel. 347 5883031
Last update: 08 April 2021

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