Restaurants, clubs, special shops, theaters, gyms and many other places in Milan.

Nexus Academy - L'acqua come elemento di sopravvivenza quotidiana!

For Kids

Nexus Academy

Water as an element of daily survival!

3Dino Store

For Kids

3Dino Store

Wood with Ingenuity!

Mare Culturale Urbano -

Culture - Eating in Milan - For Kids - Milan to Drink

Mare Culturale Urbano

To recreate minds and hearts!

Jacadì Paris - Dove essere bambini piace anche agli adulti!

For Kids

Jacadì Paris

Where adults want to be children too!

VibelMì - Quando la cameretta dei bimbi diventa spettacolo!

For Kids


When the children's bedroom becomes a showcase!

Verde agua - Un Paradiso per mamme e bimbi!

For Kids

Verde agua

A paradise for mothers and children!

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