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Nordic Grill - Winter is coming...

Eating in Milan

Nordic Grill

Winter is coming...

Basara Japanese Food Academy - Proprio quello che mancava in città!

Eating in Milan

Basara Japanese Food Academy

Exactly what the city was missing!

Tipografia Alimentare - TipA, per incontrarsi intorno al cibo!

Eating in Milan - Milan to Drink

Tipografia Alimentare

TipA, for a meet-up that is based around food!

Locanda Perbellini - Lo chef Perbellini abita anche a Milano

Eating in Milan

Locanda Perbellini

Chef Perbellini lives in Milan as well.

Panzera - La tradizione pasticcera si rinnova!

Eating in Milan


This traditional patisserie has been renovated!

Il Santo Bevitore - Una locanda d'altri tempi!

Eating in Milan

Il Santo Bevitore

An inn harking back to another time!

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