Being named after a Harbour in Yemen from where high-quality coffee has been shipped out for centuries has added even more charm to this historic Milanese coffee roastery than that which it has rightfully earned through its own efforts over the years!
An endless range of different coffee varieties perfume these walls, including the highly sought-after Jamaican  Blue Mountain and Indonesian Kopi Luwak varieties, the latter of which is produced from coffee beans that have passed through the digestive system of the local civets!  They also stock a range of chocolates and tea blends.
Given that all’s fair in love and war, your mood will definitely improve immediately if you get into the habit of dropping in here on a regular basis!

Opening time

07:00 to 19:30
07:00 to 19:30
07:00 to 19:30
07:00 to 19:30
07:00 to 19:30
07:00 to 19:30

*The times may vary due to holidays.


Pier della Francesca n. 8 - Milano
Tel. 02 342472
Last update: 10 July 2020

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