Milan: always Milanese!

The magazines and books of Condé Nast publishers educate us in beauty, in daring to imagine and design, in visioning a future that knows our past. They open us to our world and stimulate examination of our intimate feelings.

To cultivate the dialogue between world, soul and print, Condé Nast opened the Frame Experience Store in Piazzale Cadorna: a crossroads of minds and hearts, for Milanese and those from beyond!

A space open to events, purchase of objects chosen with a conscience, of curious and unique products, always with the Condè Nast international vision. 

But this space is also for relaxing, in the cafeteria operated cooperatively with the San 

Carlo pastry shop. Tradition and modernity meet fruitfully!

Learn to stop, that's the secret!!


Piazzale Cadorna n. 7 - Milano
Tel. 02 85613119 - 02 85612814
Last update: 08 April 2021

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