The project

Enjoying the city with curiosity and a touch of awareness

After the Expo time, everything is possible in town! Even strolling around the streets with a new pair of shiny eyes!

Silvia Meucci

Cristina e Silvia Meucci

Sisters but not twins, actually, the one the opposite of the other (literature and maths - lawyer and architect - Thomas Mann and Virginia Woolf - Baricco and De Luca - trips and recipes), we decided to grow up at the end and try to defend our Milan, busy but creative, demanding but energetic, accurate but always in a rush, and imagine a way to live in town with joyful disorder and open minded projects!
Since ages I loved taking my time in town paying attention to every detail in shops and galleries, being amazed by the thousands of traditions and ways of living and discovering new antiques or teens-corners!
We all know that being in touch with Milan it’s hard work, but with sensibility and innovative glance we can be the new Milanese heroes!

Silvia Meucci

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