Veggie chef

Three chefs, Andrea Nicolò and Lello, focused in different ways on the vegeterian and vegan side of the cuisine decided to gather their ideas in a fresh website with thousands of recipes also keen on street food and a little bit of fish and meat!

Mantra Raw Vegan - Quando il vegano ti rende più umano!


Mantra Raw Vegan

A very west coast idea of living and eating: total vegan, Mantra teach us how to survive in town...

Joia - Pietro Leemann is taking our taste buds to new heights!



"Natural High-class Cuisine" is what Joia is all about: a restaurant that has turned its dedication...

Soulgreen - Milano chiama New York!



Soulgreen è semplicemente uno spot newyorchese in town!Ampie vetrate, luci atmosferiche, piatti e...

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