Young Guys in Milan

So that the young guys of Milan don’t feel left out, and without giving in to superficiality since Father’s Day is still a while away, let’s take a look at men’s beauty needs and ensure that the guys are well cared for and pampered at Bullfrog’s, properly perfumed at Calè in Corso Magenta and dressed-up in smart-casual style at Host Animal House in Via Vincenzo Monti.

Then let’s continue the training process at TPR Moto in Viale Col di Lana, a bike shop that… Hang on, I’m getting the hang of it now…doubles as a furnace of good ideas, sundowners and friendliness.

End off in style with an out of town road trip, perhaps precisely on one of Mr. Figini’s creations, to the hangars of Caproni to relive the excitement of those early days of aviation. This Flying Museum truly is amazing  and literally unique!

Thaon de Revel n. 3 - Milano Tel 02 36531983

In the Isola district there are some true little gems that should be cherished!
A Nineteen-Fifties barber who is crazy about motorcycles and is not exactly averse to a great tattoo: what more could you want for that Saturday morning all to yourself?
Bullfrog lightens the heart and the mind!
Now also at No. 4, Via Dante!

Corso Magenta n. 22 - Milano Tel 02 80509449

Still in the centre of Milan, as ever, since just a few months ago Calè has been living in Corso Magenta and is still just as great as ever!
Although they now also offer tailor-made courses to help you find your inner being, they still stock their traditional range of more down-to-Earth, unique, UK and French branded wares!

Aurelio Saffi n. 7 - Milano Tel 02 4694900

The men’s sportswear of the past few decades is sometimes disconcerting, too eccentric and over-the-top. At Host, however, everything is more toned-down, everything fits and inspiration is at that ideal tipping-point between being creative and trendy with a bit of sparkle, but always reassuring!
A magnificent and endless NewBalance range!

Viale Col di Lana n. 8 - Milano Tel 335 8014544

This website should also have something for the men of this world!
Pietro Figini’s place deserves to be recognised for the passion, skill and good-naturedness that he and his team of guys put into their work of customising motorcycles to suit the whims and preferences of their latest customer!
Their guarantee of excellent workmanship and attention to detail alone makes this place worthy of a visit, not to mention the fact that it happens to be located in a spot renowned for its very strong motorcycling and “rescued” collectible component connotations!

Via Per Tornavento n. 15 - Somma Lombardo Tel 0331 230642

Opened a few years ago, in the old factory premises of the Caproni company with an exemplary vision, generosity and clarity of information, examples and exhibits of aircraft with associated flight simulators that are combined with fun activities and training for the young ones looking as if it had been managed by the British Tourist Board.
Wonderful to dive into for a few hours to satisfy our primal urge to fly from the Icarus inside each of us to the Top Gun pilot we know we could be! Available for birthday parties as well as tours for schools.
A great place to enjoy!

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