Time for ice-cream!

The first hint of Summer and… along comes that sudden craving for a refreshing ice-cream!
Our Milan is ready to start tasting some!
Calmly but armed with extreme determination, start off at the Gelateria Marghera, where they have just recently expanded both the premises and their range of “ice-creamy” treats for you to try again and again.
Then head on down to Leonardino in Via Vincenzo Monti, where they will bowl you over with their super Zabaione and friendly welcome!
Your third destination could be Ciacco, in Via Spadari, so as not to miss out on a great sorbet or a truly award winning tiramisù flavoured ice-cream.
Odilla (the Turin chocolate gurus that have just recently opened up shop here in town) also offers a great range of classic ice-cream flavours, from chocolate all the way through to nougat, which you can playfully make even better with some of their fabulous toppings!
Last but not least, the new Pavè Gelati e Granite located in the Court area, where you can re-discover just how good an ice-cream cone can be!
Afternoon snacks and sundowners guaranteed!

Marghera n. 33 - Milano Tel 02 468641 www.gelateriamarghera.it

I grew up on ice-cream from this place in via Marghera and realising that my personal favourite ice-cream joint has now become one of Milan’s “historical ice-cream parlours” makes me smile and feel terrible at the same time!
Tempus fugit - How time flies!
The Gelateria Marghera’s strength lies in a few very simple ingredients: quality, innovation and their exceptional friendliness!
Genuinely-good basic products like real bananas and dark chocolate that doesn’t come out of a bag, an ability to adapt their range of ice-creams to suit the preferences of the locals or in response to changing trends and attentive customer service that has never wavered over the years, but rather matured!

Piazzale Aquileia n. 12 - Milano Tel 02 36567284 https://www.facebook.com/OliviaGelatoMilano/

Olivia Gelato has landed in Piazzale Aquileia with loads of expertise and freshness. Real raspberry or fizzy Prosecco ice-cream, but also goats-cheese flavour, green tea flavour plus a whole range of other new and traditional flavours that blend in harmoniously with the Bronte Pistachio and the masterful skill!
Viva the ginger flavour!

Spadari n. 13 - Milano Tel 02 39663592 www.ciaccogelato.it

Ciacco’s latest venture in Milan (the idea first originated in Parma) was only just recently unveiled in the always very “foodie” Via Spadari!
Their flavours are intriguing and range from the "Quasi-cheesecake", made with raspberries, pistachios and milk from the Valtellina, through to the "Matcha", with an abundance of green-tea leaves! Their approach is particularly sound and healthy and the lactose is taken out of the equation to create an ice-cream that I would say is decidedly vegan!
Breaking news: now also on the corner of Via Marghera and Via Cuneo. Meet you there!

Corso Garibaldi n. 38 - Milano Tel www.odillachocolat.it

Odilla has just arrived here in Milan with its traditional Turin cuisine and is already creating a stir!  They couldn’t have chosen any more likely spot than No. 48, Corso Garibaldi! You simply have to give this place a try, especially now that the Holidays are fast approaching.

Cesare Battisti n. 21 - Milano Tel 02 94383619 www.pavemilano.com

Pavè has decided to brighten up our days and delight our increasingly demanding taste buds in a new venue dedicated entirely to ice-cream, located in the Court district: here the old classics are joined by unexpected and unusual new entries such as tonka coffee and cardamom, bread and butter and 160!

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