La Milano del Flaneur

There’s a classic Parisian gentleman out and about in Milan, who’s enjoying the early-Autumn hues and the floral creations of Rosalba Piccinni in Via Broggi while joyfully exercising his excellent jazz-singing skills!
Meanwhile, in order to capture a memory, an unforgettable view or a specific scene, our "amateur botanist" will undoubtedly eventually get to Valore Aggiunto in Via Mameli for an exquisite picture-frame or a very special walking-cane.
Next, he’ll doubtlessly stop off at the Antica Barbieria Colla for a bit of an ego-boost, which may just lead to a light lunch at the always excellent Latteria San Marco, the perfect meeting place for dreamers and aficionados of proper traditional fare!

Broggi n. 17 - Milano Tel 02 36708487 www.fiorirosalba,it

The distinctive feature of Rosalba’s shop is not only the spectacular flowers and the even-more spectacular arrangements she creates with them, but also the piano that sits in the corner of shop and is never silent since Rosalba often plays it and sings along because jazz-music is simply part of who she is!
A show within a show: is Milan ever an over-the-top kind of place, or what!
In July 2015 she opened a new store at No. 17, Via Salasco, a novel combination of musical florist shop with kitchen called Potafiori, very well done!

Mameli n. 3 - Milano Tel 02 744076 - 393 9958545

Il Valore Aggiunto has always been there to add a particular tone and character to every room in our lives: from their mirrors to their occasional tables, everything comes together to ensure a perfect ending to our life-long mission of adding a touch of originality to our everyday lives!
This is where I first started my collection of empty picture-frames that never cease to amaze me and now rather-ingeniously grace the walls of our office!

G. Morrone n. 3 - Milano Tel 02 874312

Since ages Barbieria Colla, in the city centre, looked after hair and mind of the milanese men!
The atmosphere, the soft touch, the competence about beard and cut are real and true and focused only on the client and his relaxing time!

San Marco n. 24 - Milano Tel 02 6597653

Eat in or take away to the office: La Latteria is always welcoming and easily booked..
A real and true dairy, white tiled walls, long and narrow with a bar at the end, a place to evoke memories and strongly appealing with it's freshness of simple and healthy meals.
Very trendy and great fun.

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