Try vegan in Milan

In this month of forced regeneration, are we trying to stay vegan in Milan?
Mantra Raw Vegan is a solid island with a now proven track record: raw vegan cuisine, not for everyone!
Capra e cavoli relaxes souls and hearts thanks also to a truly satisfying Sunday brunch!
Riad, on the other hand, makes the weekly lunch break happy and pleasant.
Ba’ghetto, like its Roman mother house, retains the charm and awareness of the kosher tradition.
Last but not least, Ghea respects the very soul of Nature!
Long live Veganuary!

Mantra Raw Vegan

Panfilo Castaldi 21 - Milan Tel 02 89058575

A new, very Californian idea for living and eating: entirely genuine vegan at Mantra.
For the Talibans of physical and mental health.
At the same time take note of the simple and dreamlike furnishings!

Capra e cavoli

Pastrengo 8 - Milan Tel 02 87066093

An "almost vegetarian" restaurant, a perfect place for a thoughtful aperitif or a well prepared and articulated brunch!
With the soul of its chef and creator Barbara Clementina Ferrario, Capra e cavoli always manages to offer a thousand reasons and tastes to come back with new friends!


Viale Piave 17 - Milan Tel 02 76340504

An enchanting place, totally white, in Viale Piave, to sample a genuine cous cous with ginger herbal tea, but also a choice of cheeses and cold cuts to tempt the most discerning!
Seasonal vegetables in abundance! 


Via Sardegna 45 - Milan Tel 02 4694643

Ba'Ghetto has landed in what was the magnificent cultural and gastronomic adventure of Re Salomone: the long-lived tradition of Roman Jewish cuisine, always attentive to the past with an amused respect, which we Milanese also like because the taste of classic Middle Eastern dishes is shaped and adapted by the flavours of a Capitoline tradition, which has always intrigued us!
The service must improve, more attention to customers' wishes and to the natural differences between Rome and Milan, but time will help the needed running in process.
Via Sardegna 45
Closed on Friday for dinner and Saturday for lunch. 


Valenza 5 - Milan Tel 02 58110980

A vegetarian restaurant in Milan, Ghea (intriguing crasis of Gea Terra and the more English To Heal, treat, cure, fix, take care), has a nice open kitchen that is very comforting, a very well ordered table decor, all played out on natural colours and a relaxing lawn-green with a menu that skilfully moderates the offerings, which are not overwhelming in their originality, but are very refined in terms of the produce and the execution.
Magnificent risotto and top notch falafel!

Last update: 08 April 2021
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