Milan in Red

To celebrate the Chinese New Year "our way", let's wander around the city paying tribute to the colour red, a Chinese lucky charm.
Le Rosse
as a wine shop is the perfect start: we can celebrate in harmony!
then, ensures lunch and dinner under the banner, at the same time, of a pleasant and colourful tasting session of the freshest of local produce!
Rosso Segnale B&B
will host our travelling friends pampering them with photographic exhibitions and paintings by selected artists.
in via Fiori Chiari will cheer up the celebrations with themed earrings!
Last but not least, the bright red facade of the MUMAC Museum, entirely dedicated to the history of coffee machines of the Cimbali brand, will be a fun and cheerful conclusion to bring this alternative walk through and around Milan to a finish!
Long live the Year of the Pig!

Corso Garibaldi 79 - Milan Tel 02 92870416

The reason for the name is immediately revealed: two magnificent, solidly imposing and reassuring Berkels make a superb centrepiece for the restaurant! Everything then follows the pattern: red signs, red napkins, infinite details in shades of red, which I personally find attractive and always reassuring. If we then complete the picture with a careful but not infinite choice of wines, the heavenly Made in Italy cold cuts (the variations of the Cinta Senese just have to be tasted, and re-tasted, and in the end you will be totally hooked) and the relaxed environment, reminiscent of the "trani" of bygone days, everything conspires to make us want more such evenings of undoubted personal enjoyment.

del Carmine 3 - Milan Tel 02 72022992

Franciscan entrance, Franciscan furnishings all in shades of grey, the only concession being the carmine red of the sign, the counter and the wine labels, the new Carminio restaurant in via del Carmine is a pleasant surprise among Milanese restaurants in the Brera area, that has waited a long time for a genuine, creative, original but not trendy establishment.
Thanks are due to the union of different souls, to the experience in the kitchen, to the care in the choice of raw materials, all strictly locally produced, but also to the delicacies of the menu: everything contributes to making this fourteenth-century cell a place of “heavenly food”!
Long live goat bresaola!
I am all in favour of the working breakfast, but there is still work to be done for dinner.

Antonio Sacchini 18 - Milan Tel 02 29527453

Maybe we are really becoming European citizens, given the flourishing in these most recent of times of gorgeous and highly captivating Bed and Breakfasts!
RossoSegnale is distinguished by the presence of a gallery that hosts and promotes young artists, but above all by an internal micro courtyard that cheers up the view and the hearts of the guests of the three rooms, furnished with that stylish simplicity that we have always liked!

Fiori Chiari 16 - Milan Tel 02 654841

Earrings, photo frames, costumes and accessories of various kinds and functionality: all within three steps of a lovely old-style dairy: what more do you want from life?
What is striking about this very Milanese corner is the care taken in the creation of costume jewellery of great taste and originality, using innovative and indestructible materials, that is even within the reach of teenagers in the midst of a hormonal storm!

Via Pablo Neruda 2 - Binasco Tel 02 900491


Thanks to the visionary nature of the Cimbali group, MUMAC, the Coffee Machine Museum that warms the heart and intrigues the soul, was founded and is thriving in Binasco!
A magnificent, fiery red space, preserves historical treasures of coffee machines that have left their mark on time, but also precious and ancient books all dedicated to the culture of the espresso. It produces a collective delirium! The oldest volume is dated 1592, an account by a botanist from Marostica, travelling to Egypt, who sketched a plant without berries ... the first memory of what would become a daily obsession for the whole world!
It’s always best to book first.
Last update: 08 April 2021
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