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The www.milanoamodomio.it website (hereinafter simply referred to as “the Website”) was created and is run by Silvia Meucci, currently residing at No. 18, Via Alberto da Giussano, Milan, Income Tax Ref. No. MCCSLV69M70D612 and VAT Reg. No. 11671690151.
These Terms and Conditions of Use shall be applicable to any User who utilises the Services available on the Website.

1. Registration and utilisation of Services.
1.1 Registering on this Website and logging in using the mandatory access codes that will be provided (Username and Password) at the time of registration shall enable the User to utilise all the Services available on the Website, such as, purely by way of example but not limited to, posting text and/or images and personal comments regarding events or locations previously suggested by the Website (hereinafter simply referred to as “the Services”). During the course of initial Registration on this Website, the User will be required to confirm acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use. Users are entitled to utilise the Services offered for personal purposes only and never for business purposes.
1.2 Any User who Registers on this Website grants Milanoamodomio.it the right to:
(i) publish and utilise any comments posted and made available via this Website by the User, with no restrictions whatsoever and free of charge;
(ii) publish and utilise any images posted on this Website by the User, with no restrictions whatsoever and free of charge;
(iii) to reproduce, edit, adapt or develop the aforesaid images and/or content with no restrictions whatsoever and without being obliged to pay over any fees to the User.
1.3 Without prejudice to any of the provisions contained in the Privacy Information Sheet, Milanoamodomio.it shall deem all User comments and/or images to be non-confidential and the Website may, therefore, be published, disclosed or utilised by Milanoamodomio.it in whatever way it may deem appropriate.
1.4 Milanoamodomio.it shall not be in any way bound to the User with regard to the posting of comments and/or images on the Website. Furthermore, Milanoamodomio.it shall not be bound to take into account or to develop any User images and/or comments, which the Website shall be free to discard entirely at its own discretion and without any obligation to give any reasons.
2. Liability and guarantees
2.1 The User hereby guarantees that he/she is legally entitled to use any comments and/or images posted on the Website and that the use thereof in no way constitutes a violation of any individual copyrights, brands, trademarks, patents or other third-party rights. It shall always be strictly and explicitly prohibited to utilise the Services so as to directly or indirectly circumvent any Italian laws or those of any other Country. The User shall remain ultimately responsible in the event of third-party claims regarding any comment and/or image posted, or for the violation of any industrial or intellectual property rights, or any violation of any legal provisions in force and, in any event, any infringement whatsoever of third-party rights.
2.2 Milanoamodomio.it shall not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any potential damages or negative effects those Users may encounter as a result of accessing, connecting to or downloading any material or computer programmes from the Website. Furthermore, Milanoamodomio.it shall not be liable for any damages, losses or negative effects of any kind that Users may suffer due to any contacts via the Website, or after the utilisation of any material posted thereon or any software used therein.
3. Copyright
The Website content (text, images, film clips, graphics, trademarks, logos, etc.) shall remain the exclusive property of Milanoamodomio.it and are protected by current copyright legislation, more specifically Law No. 633/1941 and all subsequent amendments. Any reproduction, public disclosure, public distribution, loan or rental and/or total or partial public broadcasting of the material without the copyright holder’s permission is strictly prohibited. All violations shall be punishable by the application of the fines as specified at Article Nos. 171, 171 bis, 171 ter, 174 bis and 174 ter of the aforesaid Law.

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