Go for a walk around in the city heat looking for notepads and stationery gems to take away with you: ArchiVia will definitely have whatever you need! Then head down to Jo Malone to envelop yourself in some refreshing, unusual fragrances before stopping off at the Libreria della Natura to dream of gardens, parks and countryside holidays.
After all that walking you could probably do with a new pair of colourful sandals from Suede before seeking refuge at Rufus for a well-deserved, consoling sundowner.



Via San Fermo n. 7 - Milano Tel 02 45477948 Go to the site

Exercise books with traditional Japanese covers, essential stationery to die for and even the chance to buy a vintage  apron like the ones that old-school stationers used to wear.  Archivia is all of this and much, much more for those of us who absolutely love anything stationery-related and adore spending some quality time in the Stationery store!
No. 7, Via San Fermo.



Jo Malone

Via Santa Maria alla Porta n. 13 - Milano Tel 02 80502719 Go to the site

A visit to Jo Malone always makes you feel like you’re in London, taking in the atmosphere and lights of Sloane Street!
Their fragrances, which are ethereal but at the same time distinctive and clearly-defined, will be equally appreciated by a down-hearted friend or a teenager in distress: long live Jo Malone! 


Libreria della Natura

Via Achille Maiocchi n. 11 - Milano Tel 02 48003159 Go to the site

A point of reference for lovers of nature, with books and magazines from Italy and all over the world.
The Libreria della Natura ensures constant updates and news for the enthusiast and a place for the opening of nature's horizons for the curious neophyte.
One glance at the beautiful nineteenth century British watercolours will entrance and relax you.
And if you want, you can even enrol in the course of botanical painting by Maria Rita Stirpe!



Cesare Correnti n. 21 - Milano Tel 02 58118308 Go to the site

I personally adore the Via Cesare Correnti outlet, but even the one in Viale Piave never disappoints.
With their range of outfits of Spanish and Brazilian origin, not to mention the “Made in Italy” ones, and the same goes for their shoes and accessories, Suede has the great advantage of being able to vary their range and their creations frequently and continuously come up with new combinations that even include Holly Golightly micro-overcoats.
The print-fabrics of their outfits are worth mentioning: combinations that are daring but not garish to the eye, micro-prints that range from florals to antique-pink that actually makes sense and even the over-used and abused “Petrol” colour in really pleasant shades.
Since March 2013 their entire range has also been available at their new outlet at No. 13, Via Marghera. Hip-hip-hooray!


Rufus Cocktail Bar

Via Alberto da Giussano n. 2 - Milano Tel 02 36735293 Go to the site

A tiny venue, in fact a little nook for true lovers of the perfect cocktail, eclectic furnishings and fabulous brioches!
In its premises at No. 2, Via Alberto da Giussano, Rufus is a great place to go from breakfast time all the way through to movie time in the evening!

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