Scerbanenco’s crime novels are set in a Milan with waterways that we sometimes forget we even have! Pedestrian walkway and happy-hour aside, the Navigli area still has a few hidden little places that are worth a visit just to get back to that romantic, leisurely pace that we really should treat ourselves to from time to time. So how about brunch at the Erba Brusca, after having wisely bought some carrots and cous-cous in Corsico, and on your way home with a perfect and truly gigantic Sicilian “Cannolo” in Via Novara that could seriously double as a proper Nineteen-fifties dinner!


Erba Brusca

Eating in Milan
Alzaia Naviglio Pavese n. 286 - Milano Tel 02 87380711 Go to the site
Established in June 2011, this place immediately attracted the attention of the Milanese people as somewhere to go for a proper American brunch slap-bang in the middle of an old-fashioned vegetable garden, or a firefly-lit evening out reminiscent of the good old Osteria del Tubetto. Chef Alice plays around with traditional Italian classics with skill and amused disenchantment.  Customers are also enchanted by the little bouquet of herbs that they can take back home as a reminder of the evening. This venue began as a “cousin” of the Ratanà, but is perfectly capable of making its own mark! The service in the dining room is perhaps a little slow for our tastes, but maybe it’s their way of taking us back to the slower pace of dining in the olden days!


Il cannolo famoso

Eating in Milan
Giuseppe di Vittorio n. 2/2 - Milano Tel 02 43114949 Go to the site
Tucked away on the border between Milan proper and Settimo Milanese there is finally a classic confectionery where we can experience the sheer joy of original Sicilian Cannoli (although there’s no need for any more genuine Sicilians!) filled with proper sheep’s-milk ricotta cheese no more that 30 minutes before they’re eaten! Not to mention their biscuits and light and tasty sponge cakes.


Associazione BuonMercato

Eating in Milan
Roma n. 15/A - Corsico (MI) Tel 02 49430874 Go to the site
Along the Corsico Canal, for the past four years or so a new local organic produce association has been working to win our hearts and fill our shopping bags without decimating our savings. Their rice is excellent, their brown and white breads are always fresh, their barley is exceptional, their range of jams is as about as endless as the association members’ efforts to constantly organise new events to educate people on how to eat healthily and enjoy a better life together.  They also offer home deliveries and always-enjoyable weekend events, including visits to local farms or on-site tasting sessions. Definitely a great place to go on a regular basis.!
Last update: 09 April 2021

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