1. This information sheet, as shown on the website at URL, constitutes this website’s privacy policy and is also valid for the purposes of Art. 13 of Leg. Dec. No. 196/2003 (Code of conduct regarding the protection of personal information) and those of Article 13 of EU Regulation No. 2016/679 (GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation) as regards the protection of individuals in terms of the handling of their personal information and the free circulation of said information, as applicable to parties that interact with

2. The information sheet contains information regarding the manner in which handles the personal details of individual users registered with the website. The information sheet is only applicable to and not to any other websites that the user may access via links included on this website.

3. The purpose of this document is to provide information regarding the method, timing and nature of the information that information holders are required to provide to users in terms of Italian and European legislation whenever they access the website pages, irrespective of the purposes for which they access the website.

4. The information sheet is subject to amendment whenever any new applicable regulations are introduced and users are therefore advised to check this web page on a regular basis.

5. In the case of users younger than 16 years of age, in terms of the provisions of Art.8, Clause 1 of EU Regulation 2016/679, a parent or guardian shall be required to grant consent.

6. This document has been updated as at 05/11/2018 in order to comply with the applicable legal provisions, more specifically the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679.





1 - The Data Controller

1. The Data Controller is defined as the individual or corporate body that jointly or severally establishes the purposes of and the methods used to process personal data. The latter is also responsible for the security of said data.

2. As regards this website, the official Data Controller shall be the company called Milanoamodomio Srl and users requiring any clarification or wishing to exercise their rights should address all applicable correspondence to the following e-mail address:


2 - The Data Processor

1. The Data Processor is defined as the individual or corporate body that physically processes personal data on behalf of the Data Controller.

2. In terms of Article 28 of EU Regulation No. 2016/679, the Data Controller hereby appoints Message SpA as the official Data Processor for all personal information gathered on the website è Message SpA.


3 - Data Processing facility

1. The data generated by utilisation of the website shall be processed at the registered premises of Message SpA, located at No. 38, Via Messina, 20154 Milan and at the Milanoamodomio Srl premises located at No. 18, via Alberto da Giussano, 20145 Milan.

2. Where necessary, data linked to the newsletter service may be processed either by the Data Controller and/or the Data Processor, or by some other party appointed by them for this purpose, at either of the aforesaid premises.





1 - Types of Cookies

1. The website utilises cookies to make the user’s browsing experience easier and more intuitive. Cookies are small text strings used to memorise various pieces of information regarding the user, his/her preferences  or the device used to access the Internet (computer, tablet or mobile phone) and these are mainly used to update the operation of the website to match the user’s expectations by offering a customised browsing experience and memorising the user’s previous choices.

2. A cookie is a small batch of data transferred to the user’s computer browser by a web server and can only be read by the server that originally transferred the data batch. Cookies are not executable programmes and cannot therefore transfer any computer viruses.

3. Cookies do not record any personal information and no identifiable details will be stored in memory. Should you wish, you can prevent any or all cookies from being saved on your computer, however, this may compromise your utilisation of this website and any of  the services on offer. In order to proceed without changing your cookie-related options, all you need do is to continue browsing.

The types of cookies used by this website are indicated below.


2 - The website’s technical cookies

1. These cookies are required to memorise the technical information that is used by the website to provide the services requested by the user in a secure and efficient manner, facilitate browsing and facilitate access to the utilisation of the web pages.

2. The settings used to manage or to disable cookies may vary depending on the internet browser being used. In any event, the user may edit or request the disabling or deletion of cookies by changing the settings available on his/her own Internet browser. Disabling these cookies may slow down or prevent access to certain areas of the website.

3. As regards the duration of cookies, there are temporary session cookies, which are deleted automatically at the end of the browsing session (for example, cookies that are used to identify the user and avoid the need to log in to each web page the user visits) and permanent cookies, which remain active on the PC for long periods or until such time as they are specifically deleted by the user..

4. may install session cookies to enable the user to access and browse on the portal as a logged-in user.

5. The table below lists the first-party technical cookies used by the website:


Technical name




cookie-agreed, privacycookie

Technical function cookie

Keeps track of whether or not the user has agreed to the use of the website’s various types of cookies

from 3 months to 1 year


Technical function cookie

Helps the website confirm the browser’s JavaScript functionality



Technical function cookie

For logged-in users only (avoids multiple logins for the same user during a browsing session)

one week


Technical function cookie

Utilised by the CMS for all anonymous website users: used to manage each session

one month

<stringa alfanumerica>

Technical function cookie

Utilised by the CMS for all anonymous website users: complementary session management



Technical function cookie

Generates a random number when you start using the website (essential for the proper functioning of the system)

one month


3 - Third-party cookies

1. In terms of origin, cookies can be classified into two groups. Firstly there are those that are sent directly to the user’s browser by the website being browsed (such as, for example the technical cookies listed in the previous table) and secondly there are third-party cookies sent to the computer from websites other than the one that the user is browsing.

2. Permanent cookies are often third-party cookies.

3. Third-party cookies also encompass so-called “tracking cookies”, which are used to track users’ online activity and record their interests so as to be able to tailor advertising messages to specific users. does not utilise these kinds of cookies.

4. The table below lists the third-party cookies currently in use on the website, all of which are attributable to the Google Analytics service:



Technical name




Google Analytics


Technical analytical

These cookies gather information on user behaviour. The information is used to compile statistical analysis reports and improve the website. All the information is gathered in anonymous form.

From six months to two years.
For further details   
go to this page.


4 - Help with configuring your browser

1. The user can also manage cookies via his/her browser settings. However, deleting cookies from the browser may also delete the previously set preferences for this website.

2. For more detailed information and assistance users can go also to the specific web page for the browser they are using, for example:

- Internet Explorer:
- Firefox:
- Safari:
- Chrome:
- Opera:


5 - Social Network Plug-ins

This website also includes plug-ins and/or selector buttons for the social networks in order to facilitate the sharing of contents on your preferred social networks. These plug-ins are programmed so as not to set any page access cookies, thereby safeguarding the user’s privacy. The cookies are only set if and when the user actually and voluntarily utilises the plug-in, and then in accordance with the social network rules. Keep in mind that if the user is browsing while logged into the social network he/she has essentially already agreed to the use of cookies carried by this site when he/she registered on the social network.

2. The gathering and utilisation of the information obtained by means of the plug-in via the applicable cookies are governed by the various social networks’ respective privacy information sheets, to which we advise you to refer:

- Facebook:
- Pinterest:
- Instagram:
- Twitter:




1 - Data processing methods

1. As with all websites, this website also makes use of log files to store information gathered automatically during the course of a user’s website visit. The information thus gathered may include the following (merely by way of example, but not limited to):

- internet protocol address (IP);
- type of browser and the parameters of the device used to connect to the website;
- name of the internet service provider (ISP);
- date and time of visit;
- the user’s referral web page and exit web-page;
- clicks effected by the user and the URLs of the web pages visited

2. The aforesaid information is processed automatically and gathered exclusively in aggregate form in order to obtain statistical data regarding the use of services (most visited web pages, number of visitors per time frame or per day, geographic area of origin, etc.) or to check that the website / services offered are functioning properly and for security reasons. This information is processed in the Data Controller’s legitimate interests.

3. For security purposes (anti-spam filters, firewalls and detection of viruses), the automatically recorded information may also include certain personal information, such as the IP address, which may be used in accordance with the applicable legal requirements for the purposes of blocking any attempt to damage the aforesaid website, harm other users or any other potentially damaging or criminal activities. Said information will never be used to identify or profile users, but solely for the purpose of protecting the website and its users.

4. In the case of areas of the website where users can enter comments or add other content (for example trips/travel plans created by the community), the website may automatically record the user’s identification details, including the applicable e-mail address. This information shall be deemed to have been provided voluntarily by the user at the time of requesting the service. By entering a comment or other information the user implicitly and expressly agrees to the conditions laid out in the information sheet and, more specifically, expressly gives his/her consent for the added content to also be freely shared with third parties. The information received will be used solely for the purposes of service provision and only for as long as the service is provided.

5. The information that the website users may decide to disclose via the services and tools made available to them is knowingly and voluntarily provided by the users themselves, thereby relieving this website of all responsibility for any potential legal violations. It remains up to users themselves to ensure that they have the necessary permission to publish any third-party personal information or content that is protected by national and international regulations.


2 - Data processing purposes

1. The information gathered by the website during normal operations is used for the aforesaid purposes and for the distribution of the fortnightly newsletter.

2. The information will only be stored for as long as is strictly necessary in order to fulfil the aforesaid purposes and in any event for no longer than 10 years.

3. The information utilised for security purposes (to block attempts to damage the website) will only be stored for as long as is strictly necessary in order to fulfil the aforesaid purposes.


3 - Information provided by users

1. As indicated above, the discretionary, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mails to the e-mail addresses indicated on this website will result in the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s e-mail address, which is required in order to be able to respond, as well as any other personal information included in the message.

2. Specific summary information sheets will be reflected or displayed on the web pages pertaining to specific premium services.





1. This website processes user information in a totally legal and proper manner by adopting all opportune security measures aimed at preventing unauthorised access, disclosure, editing or destruction of personal information. The data is processed by computerised and/or online means and using organisational methods and systems that are strictly linked to the aforesaid purposes.

2. In addition to the Data Controller, in some cases certain organisational website employees (such as admin, sales, marketing, legal personnel and system administrators), as well as certain external parties (such as employees of external service providers, postal couriers, hosting providers, computer companies and advertising agencies) may also have access to personal data.





1. Art. 13, Clause 2 of EU Regulation 2016/679 includes a list of user rights.

2. The website therefore wishes to inform users of the following rights:

- the affected party’s right to ask the Data Controller for access to his/her personal information (Art. 15 of the EU Regulation), to update the information (Art. 7, Clause 3, Letter a) of Leg. Dec. No. 196/2003), to correct the information (Art. 16 of the EU Regulations), to supplement the information (Art. 7, Clause 3, Letter a) of Leg. Dec. No. 196/2003) or to restrict the processing of his/her personal information (Art. 18 of the EU Regulation), or to object to the processing of the information for legitimate reasons (Art. 21 of the EU Regulation), in addition to the right to transfer the data (Art. 20 of the EU Regulation);

- the right to request the deletion (Art. 17 of the EU Regulation), the conversion into anonymous format or the blocking of any illegally processed information, including any information whose storage is not strictly necessary for the purposes for which it was originally gathered or subsequently processed (Art. 7, Clause 3, Letter b) of Leg. Dec. No. 196/2003);

- the right to receive confirmation that the data updating, correction, supplementation, deletion, blocking or conversion activities and the actual contents have indeed been brought to the attention of anyone to whom the information was divulged or distributed, except in cases where this would patently be impossible or would require the use of means entirely disproportionate to the rights being protected (Art. 7, Clause 3, Letter c) of Leg. Dec. No, 196/2003);

3. These requests can be addressed directly to the Data Controller, or alternatively utilising the applicable form supplied by the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, or by sending an e-mail to:

4. In the event that the processing is based on Art. 6, Paragraph 1, Letter a) – express consent to utilise –, or on Art. 9, Paragraph 2, Letter a) – express consent to utilise genetic, biometric, health related data or data that reveals an individual’s religious or philosophical convictions, trade union membership, racial or ethnic origin or political opinions –,  the user shall have the right to revoke his consent at any time without prejudice to the legitimacy of the data processed on the basis of the consent granted prior to this revocation.

5. Similarly, in the event of any violation of the regulations, the user shall have the right to lodge a complaint with the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data as the designated authority responsible for overseeing data processing in Italy.

6. For a more in-depth examination of user rights, kindly see Articles 15 and subsequent amendments and supplements of EU Regulation 2016/679 and Art. 7 of Leg. Dec. No. 196/2003.


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