Let's think about winter time, polenta and fireplace!

La Fungheria at via Marghera is calling us to enjoy the infinite variety of mushrooms that every year they bring us with joy and competence. 

Vom Fass, a few steps ahead, is keen on serving us truffle butter and pasta together with the oil as well!

Mazzetti store has marvellous Grappa and Amaro with nice boxes of fruit in alcohol!

Kalinka is an amusing russian market!

Amanita the funny mushroom is our favourite for the tiny schoes of our children.


La Fungheria

Eating in Milan
Marghera n. 14 - Milano Tel 02 4390089 Go to the site
I was here when this little corner of the woods first opened up right here in Milan.  It’s been thirty years now (sigh!) that La Fungheria has been delighting the taste buds of relatives and friends with their always original parcels of top quality dried mushrooms and mushrooms preserved in oil, combining them with selected types of pastas and sauces, all of which are good enough to get you totally addicted!


Vom Fass

Eating in Milan
Cuneo n. 5 - Milano Tel 02 43515171 Go to the site
The limited square-meterage of the Vom Fass store in Via Cuneo is left to the charm and impeccable taste of Guia, thereby turning it into a true one-of-a-kind oasis of flavour. Samples of infused oils to suit every taste and passion, every conceivable type of vinegar, jars of salt from Wales all the way through to Myanmar, and examples of very peaty malt whiskeys and delicate Cognacs, all genuine and all ready to decant into magnificent bottles that can be customised and yes, why not, even refilled!


Grappa Store Milano

Milan to Drink
Marghera n. 14 - Milano Tel 02 36742568 Go to the site
The top grappa tasting venue, Mazzetti d’Altavilla, comes to Milan in premises that are bright, basic and very easy on the eye and the heart and offering a range of products and packaged sets that are truly to die for! Not forgetting that during the Christmas period they also stock a generous variety of sweet things and traditional panettoni. No. 14, Via Marghera.



Eating in Milan
Via Boscovich n. 40 - Milano Tel 02 20520156 - 340 6288106 Go to the site
Original russian food at via Boscovich n. 40: caviar, vodka, nice desserts and also books to get inspired!



For Kids
Federico Confalonieri n. 21 - Milano Tel 335 292197 Go to the site
Fresh as a nice little mushroom in our city wood, Amanita lives at via Confalonieri, Isola District, just under the green tower signed by Mr. Boeri!Nice shoes for our cute children and nephews! 
Last update: 15 October 2020

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