In this era of schizophrenic creativity, steel yourself for a trip into a town that’s all about design but also knows how to go above and beyond!
It’s time to pay a joyful tribute to the Libreria Archivolto, which has always been a source of inspiration for bookworms and mere book lovers alike!
It’s also the right time to treat yourself to a little visit to the Fondazione Carriero, which is currently featuring an exhibition of Sol LeWitt’s incomparable works until the 24th June.
Compulsive purchases of sideboards and vintage plates are happily the order of the day at  the Atelier Bellinzona and even at Madame Gioia Home, where a joint visit may well turn into an absolutely unforgettable gift!
To follow up with trendy, designer sundowners, perhaps even with snacks, produced by a "maestro mixologist forever”, let’s meet at Rufus in the Pagano district and let the “Fringe Event” gods be with you!



Marsala n. 3 - Milano Tel 02 29010444 Go to the site

Selected antiquities that are conservative, discrete and not unduly pompous and objects and decor that almost seem to be only too aware of their value and the place that they occupy in the hearts of true enthusiasts: Maria Grazia Montesi has known for many years exactly how to accurately assess both objects and people and what it takes to be successful, as proven by the way her business empire has grown, day by day here in Milan.


Fondazione Carriero

Via Cino del Duca n. 4 - Milano Tel 02 36747039 Go to the site

Thanks to the far-sightedness, tenacity, passion and generosity of Giorgio Carriero, today Milan has a space which encourages innovation in artistic expression, providing support and enthusiasm shared with even the most curious!
It is sensitive to works by young artists at the forefront of the avant-garde, consistently involved in the provision of constructive workshops and  other experiences.
4 Via Cino del Duca. 
It open by appointment only Mondays to Fridays, with unrestricted entry on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.. 


Atelier Alberto Bellinzona

Carlo Farini n. 29 - Milano Tel 02 89052296 - 339 6996730 Go to the site

Preferably by prior arrangement, Alberto Bellinzona welcomes you in his studio of ideas, research, furnishings and cosy chats!
Well-balanced taste, always open to new inspiration, often North-European in origin, everything working together to enable you to find that wrought-iron lamp that you thought had only ever existed in your wildest dreams, or that perfect divan that is as welcoming as a Nineteen-Thirties-style curved-back couch!
Grab that phone and call immediately to set up a meeting!


Rufus Cocktail Bar

Via Alberto da Giussano n. 2 - Milano Tel 02 36735293 Go to the site

A tiny venue, in fact a little nook for true lovers of the perfect cocktail, eclectic furnishings and fabulous brioches!
In its premises at No. 2, Via Alberto da Giussano, Rufus is a great place to go from breakfast time all the way through to movie time in the evening!

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