Primo pensiero settembrino: le scarpe nuove per i pargoli!
Babidetta è porto sicuro: classica college, a bambola, stringata o con para, ogni esigenza viene prevista e curata per accontentare il minore ma anche la mamma più esigente!
Douuod invece riesce a vestire neonati e pure teens, un miracolo tutto milanese! Unisce la comodità alla moda, la qualità dei tessuti al divertimento nell'accostare colori e fantasie, in uno spazio di grande impatto visivo.
Per un nuovo zaino poi corriamo da Treesse che colora le sue pareti del piano terra e dell'interrato di mille declinazioni e marche di potenziali cartelle pronte ad una nuova sfida di sopravvivenza metropolitana!
Lo zaino dovrà anche essere riempito: la cartoleria Prandelli, bottega storica, ci accoglie con competenza e fantasia per un astuccio, un compasso, un righello, un evidenziatore...nulla sfugge al controllo incrociato delle liste da parte di mamma e Mr. Prandelli!
Per notti stellate e sonno dei giusti, un pigiamino doc Del Selletto sarà il degno completamento di questo primo giretto milanese della ripresa.
Buon inizio!

Let's focused on our children shoes, they always need a new pair of!
Badidetta is the first answer, where you can find the classic college of the ballerinas.
Douuod from babies till teens succeed in mixing the pop shoes with the classic one: miracole in Milan!
Tresse has three floor full of backpacks.
Cartoleria Prandelli can refill the backpack whenever you feell needed it.
Del Selletto is very keen on pajamas for all the family, actually!
Have a nice start! 


Babidetta & I Versiliani

For Kids
Via Vincenzo Monti n. 71 - Milano Tel Go to the site

From the Web to Via Vincenzo Monti: the road has been long and enriching experience for four moms, all friends and true Milanese women, who have been keeping our little ones happy for years by providing amazing shoes for their little feet and award-winning little pyjamas for online purchase!
Very recently they opened a delightful little place at No. 71, Via Vincenzo Monti so as to provide a point of reference not only for kiddies’ clothing but also a place to introduce new ideas and brands from the world of kids!
Open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.00pm.



For Kids
Mercato n. 8 - Milano Tel 02 89095893 Go to the site

Having opened up just a few short hours ago in Via Mercato, the DouDou outlet is not only something that we welcome but indeed something we have all been seriously yearning for! About time!
Children dressed like little ones in clothes that are comfortable and soft but never just in run of the mill.



Via Torino n. 18 - Milano Tel 02 72094789 Go to the site

A paradise for teenagers, even the fussiest ones: sneakers, rucksacks and skateboards a go-go!
No one could ever leave this place disappointed!


Cartoleria di Maurizio Prandelli

Parmigianino n. 11 - Milano Tel 02 48003663 Go to the site

This stationery store that dates way back to the Seventies may well have changed hands since then, but the passion has remained unchanged and now rests securely in the hands of the very capable, always smiling and competent new owner, Mr. Prandelli!
A classic stationery store that stocks school stationery, it’s also a great place to find magnificent wrapping paper, original greeting cards and a wide range of pens of every description and price: in this globalised Milan of ours, this is a great place to establish a personal relationship with your local family stationery-store!


Del Selletto

For Kids
Corso di Porta Vigentina n. 28 - Milano Tel 333 3531506 Go to the site

Pyjamas for little ones that are still little, with the kind of attention to the fabrics and the workmanship that borders on the miraculous!
A real mother and former attorney with a sense of taste that is both ethereal and modern at the same time is ready to bid us a good night’s rest and sweet dreams!
It is always advisable to send an SMS message before going to this magnificent store in Porta Vigentina!

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