8 March 2018: to party or not to party, that is the question!

To make sure that you don’t go wrong, pick up a bunch of flowers to decorate your desk, thanks to the green fingers of Giulio and Andrea of Numero 9 in Via Pastrengo.

Then, as we stroll around our Milan remembering the great woman and excellent mathematician who was the first-ever Italian woman to write a mathematics text book for students and the first woman mathematics professor at a university: Maria Gaetana Agnesi was the third of twenty-one children, free-spirited, generous, insanely mathematical and the heart and soul of the Pio Albergo Trivulzio old-age home and much, much more besides!

To honour her memory, you simply have drop in at the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica and also take a quick tour of Antik, a venue that is specifically dedicated to compasses and ancient armillary spheres!

La Libreria delle Donne (The Women’s Bookshop) is an easy, worthwhile and fun place for your fourth stop, while at the Casa delle Donne (Women’s Home), you will undoubtedly come across a range of new ideas and projects, all female-inspired and hopefully all decidedly mathematical in nature!


Numero 9

Pastrengo n. 9 - Milano Tel 02 66801669 Go to the site

Born of the union of three highly-imaginative, creative souls that grew up in the world of advertising design, Deposito 54 very soon became an unmistakeable point of reference for an original gift, an informal but very well-presented party/event or an urban venue for an unusual and slightly irreverent presentation, like that of the latest Guide to Milan perhaps....?
Not only outfits and costume jewellery, in other words, but also designer accessories and perfumes: it’s essential that you go and lose yourself from time to time in places like this, which are fortunately starting to spring up around town.


Museum of Science and Technology

Via San Vittore n. 21 - Milano Tel 02 485551 Go to the site

The Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica is always a comforting haven for minds which may be tired but never tamed! The structure is perhaps a bit dated for younger children but it has nonetheless been able to refresh its educational and playful content with creativity and ingenuity through workshops which are always intriguing and constructive.
The just opened "MUST Shop" further enlivens the Museum  as a whole - a remarkable example of a Concept Store, with its entrance on Via Olona 6.



Via San Giovanni sul Muro n. 10 - Milano Tel 02 86461448 Go to the site

Antik and Mrs Giorgi are always keen to a warm welcome, incredible stories to tell and a truly, close attention for each ones desiderata!
Barometers, compasses, globes, chemistry boxes, each corner of the shop is ful os passion and history: where science and dream are perfectly combined!


Women’s Bookshop

Pietro Calvi n. 29 - Milano Tel 02 70006265 Go to the site

A place for women which concedes nothing to romanticism much less to facile solutions. The Libreria delle Donne expertly opens a window onto women’s publishing, increasing awareness among female readers with meetings on themes which are interesting, current and measured in tone, never angry but nonetheless always clear-sighted!


Casa delle Donne

Via Marsala n. 8 - Milano Tel 02 88444339 Go to the site

A nice place to remind ourselves of being a woman in the 2015! In Milan!
Thousands of events, ideas, suggestions, the Casa delle Donne help us to reconsider ourselves with a smile!

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