We’re now in the area that dedicated the concept of the mini-pizza to a splendid local Registry Official of days gone by, and I like to think that this everyday hero would have absolutely loved choosing the odd book at Mr. Marangoni Junior’s Bookstore after browsing through the myriad magazines from all around the world and before meeting up with his wife to share a couple of “strategic” stops at Kikki and at TofyToys in Via Ruffini to pick up something for the grandchildren, before ending their typical Italian-style Saturday at Bianca’s in the classic Via Panizza with a light, well-prepared and conservatively down-to-earth lunch! And don’t forget to stop off at Pasticceria Lizzy, which will undoubtedly delight adults and youngsters alike with their corn-bread filled with dark chocolate and hazelnut cream that’s to die for!


Leonardo’s vineyard

Corso Magenta n. 65 - Milano Tel 02 4816150 Go to the site
Beginning life in 2002, a presentation of this literary alcove is superfluous. This corner of information, culture and curiosity is housed in the sober setting of the building of the same name  where Leonardo lived when he was painting the Last Supper, restructured under the auspices of Architect Portaluppi (to whom Milan owes so much). It offers a wide range of magazines, both past and present, dealing with a variety of subjects and the latest news on literature and literary articles, all combined with a meticulous search service for special books and an interesting programme of events and meetings. Now, in the Expo year, the site has been restored, opening both the casa degli Atellani and Leonardo’s vineyard to visitors. Hence the reason for the new name, La Vigna di Leonardo, but still the same marvellous location!


Kikki di Monica Gobbo

For Kids
Ruffini n. 11 - Milano Tel 02 4980120 Go to the site
Both adults and the littlest ones love this old-school store where mothers come looking for outfits for children and children allow themselves to be dressed up by little ones rather than by miniature adults. Totally renovated structurally if not in substance, this store remains a true point of reference for clothing for children from age 0 to 8 years while opening itself up to incursions by the so-called elusive teens who can be creative here without upsetting their parents!



For Kids
Ruffini n. 9 - Milano Tel 02 4694776 Go to the site
Right from the shop front display window you can already begin to imagine that you’re living in the Secret Garden of toys: wind-up trains, dolls dressed in romantic little outfits, Ravensburger board games, wooden pick-up-sticks and doll houses, it’s very difficult to leave this place without some little reminder of your long-gone childhood or something challenging for your much-loved, PS4-dependent child/grandchild/cousin/godchild.



Eating in Milan
Panizza n. 10 - Milano Tel 02 45409037 Go to the site
Its location in a sun-room midway down Corso Vercelli and their exceptional service and cuisine make Bianca the perfect place for a candle-lit dinner or even a lunch with “snake-in-the-grass” relatives, including fresh home-made bread and some truly spectacular entrées! You can also book the dining room or the outdoor area for a hearty cocktail party or crowded dinner party without sacrificing any of the flavour, friendliness or attention to detail. The cuisine is entrusted to the young Omar, who remains true to tradition with his Saffron Risotto, but also delights patrons with his whimsical interpretations of the old-standard Spaghetti with tomato sauce. The dining room instead, where you’re welcomed, served and cosseted with painstaking and unpretentious care and professionalism, is run by Fabio and his very capable team.


Pasticceria Lizzy

Eating in Milan
Piazza Giorgio Ambrosoli n. 1 - Milano Tel 02 48005498 Go to the site
Lizzy, the centuries-old Milanese confectionery, has always managed to politely and unassumingly satisfy its customers’ needs and adapt to the ups and downs of the food industry.  Excellent catering that’s always innovative and never dull, without any compromise in the interests of speed.  Here taste and tradition go hand-in-hand! Based on these guidelines, Lizzy now offers a classic range of cakes, biscuits and mini-pastries that she supplements with new ideas from time to time, like her corn bread filled with dark chocolate and hazelnut cream (which can also be purchased separately) that’s enough to make even the most ardent health-freak surrender!
Last update: 09 April 2021

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