To celebrate your own private Halloween in the proper manner you simply have to get down to the legendary Torriani to pick up the odd amazing mask or scary eyeball! If, instead, you want something more elegant, intense and amazing, the Reverie in Via Palermo is the place to go, before heading down to the California Bakery for a few bat-shaped biscuits or spider web-strewn muffins, just so as not to disappoint the little ones! It may be a great idea to end off your evening with some dancing at a proper, unique dance hall. Sala Venezia, here we come! Or you could really buck the trend and do something completely different, like visiting the Museo Storico dei Vigili del Fuoco to put out any remaining flames!



Mercato n. 5 - Milano Tel 02 866519 Go to the site
Historic shop since 1943, Torriani it's a safe address to find costumes and jokes for Halloween and your private idea of a masquerade!Every time I get in, it's an own private wonder!


La Reverie

Largo Treves - Milano Tel 02 76014825 Go to the site
Given the current levels of enthusiasm for the Mad Men brand, you simply can’t not make a few trips to the various outlets of this brand, which offers vintage outfits for the most demanding young girl through to equally dandy-style accessories for the exceptionally-Milanese gentleman. They also organise theme cocktail-evenings and Sixties-music evenings with associated accessories, a treat for the eyes and for the nostalgic heart that beats within each of us.


California Bakery

Eating in Milan
Piazza Sant'Eustorgio n. 4 - Milano Tel 02 39811750 Go to the site
Over the years this glorious confectionery has evolved with a kind of easy versatility, increasing its range of deserts and sandwiches, adding new venues (even though the original venue in Piazza Sant’Eustorgio remains the most charming) and coming up with new services, such as the Ape-scooter that rides around Milan selling ready-made appetisers and lunches, although you can also order your favourites, jazz nights every Thursday at the Via Larga venue, Halloween parties in Piazza Sant’Eustorgio and lessons skilfully presented by Mrs. Michela where you can learn to bake and decorate fun and tasty traditional American cakes.An excellent catering service provides a fantastic afternoon snack out on the lawn or a truly unforgettable baptism party.


Sala Venezia

Alvise Cadamosto n. 2a - Milano Tel 02 2043765 Go to the site
The passion for ballroom-dancing is contagious and I really wish I could fall prey to it, however, my partner's total reticence means that I can only stand by and watch from afar, give a few tips to relatives and friends, and continue to dream while watching “Top Hat” for the millionth time!Since time immemorial Sala Venezia has been welcoming both the daring and the aficionados who find that unique “head and legs” urge to dance extremely uplifting and great fun.Let's dance!


Museo Storico dei Vigili del Fuoco di Milano

Messina n. 35/37 - Milano Tel 02 3190376 Go to the site
The Museo Storico dei Vigili del Fuoco lived at the Firemen Caserma in via Messina 35/37 since 1912: a very touching trip in the heart of the city to remind ourselves how precious are these special men!Only by appointment.
Last update: 09 April 2021

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