Biting cold, intriguing Springtime and the splendour of the Darsena!

Start your day off with a truly unusual breakfast-on-board at the Corsaro dei Navigli, revelling in the sheer beauty of sunrise over this Milan waterway: see you there at 6.45am for a thousand and one new urban adventures!

Staying in this same area, how about a bit of shopping for some excellent meat at the really creative Macelleria Popolare del Mercato Metropolitano before heading down to Sun68 for a few trendy purchases, or to the Libreria Antiquaria Pontremoli for some vintage printed matter.

End off your stroll along the Darsena with a good coffee and a few Sicilian sweet-treats at Dulcis, second sibling of the mother-ship in Via Marghera.

Hooray for our updated and re-discovered Darsena!


The Corsaro dei Navigli

- Milano Tel 02 36565694 Go to the site
Spring 2016 in Milan has  given us a new delight to experience and enjoy to the full: The Corsaro dei Navigli, a true Venetian taxi plying the waters of the resplendent Darsena, accompanying us for breakfast at dawn, cultured aperitifs, private parties and trips to the Pont de Ferr – All we have to do is choose! It owes its origins to the creative synergy of Corsi Corsari, Neiade Milano and the Consorzio Navigare l'Adda: Eternally grateful! Our unending thanks are due as ever, to Expo!


Macelleria Popolare

Eating in Milan
Piazza XXIV Maggio - Milano Tel 02 3946836 Go to the site
A butchery that only sells top quality organic meat from animals selected for raising soon after birth! Macelleria Popolare, located inside the Porta Ticinese indoor market that is now all clean and shiny-bright after the Expo era, also offer “Arrosticini” ready to eat on the spot, proper pastrami and a fabulous “Lampredotto” (tripe stew)! The place for an afternoon snack for true connoisseurs!



Viale Gorizia n. 30 - Milano Tel 02 8356401 Go to the site
The Navigli district is where Sun68 has chosen to set up its Headquarters with their ever-popular T-shirts and trousers worthy of permanent display!Brand loyalty is something that comes quite naturally here.


Libreria Antiquaria Pontremoli

Vigevano n. 15 - 20144 Milano Tel 02 58103806 Go to the site
For years now Via Vigevano has played host to a niche for futurism and passion for the avant-garde movement: the libreria antiquaria Pontremoli.  Small though it may be, it hides a multiplicity of 20th century Italian and European books  for true connoisseurs, first editions and art and literary journals marking the progress , on paper alone, of the leading lights of the cultural life of our peninsular in the recent past. The dedication and passion invested in this bookshop, leading to its becoming a mine of book production on its own account, are also evident in the search for rare books or those forbidden dreams that each of  us dares to enunciate on crossing the threshold.


The Yard

Piazza XXIV Maggio n. 8 - Milano Tel 02 89415901 Go to the site
Several, different interior ideas of furniture and relax just to please different ways of travelling, enjoing and living! 
Last update: 02 June 2021

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