In the midst of the pre-Christmas madness, head down to Carpe Diem for those special little finds for your Secret Santa 2018!
Then, without letting yourself be put off by the endless queues at the entrance, head into Noberasco for a box of goodies to warm the both the heart and the mind. Everything from their crunchy dried pumpkin seeds all the way through to their strawberries make the wait worthwhile!
Your third must-do stop is at WMilano, where you will find all the items you need to decorate your table in true British/Milanese style!
Now it’s time to revitalise your tired legs with a two-scoop, Panettone flavoured ice-cream cone from the Gelateria Marghera: it’s absolutely incomparable and totally unbeatable!
Finally, make a toast to Christmas and the New Year with a great cocktail at The Spirit.
A Merry Christmas to us all!



Carpe Diem

For Kids
Viale Tunisia n. 1 - Milano Tel 02 29517833 Go to the site
Carpe Diem has been here in Milan absolutely forever! Any excuse is good enough for a little impromptu visit, whether you’re looking for a totally unexpected gift, something creative or have a grandchild that you really want to surprise! Gadgets a go-go to satisfy every need or desire! Anything goes!


Noberasco 1908

Eating in Milan
Spadari n. 2 - Milano Tel 02 99201022 Go to the site
Following the unmitigated success of their little corner in the Rinascente Mall, this award-winning Albenga firm has now opened up a large, fun, dedicated store right here in our very own Via Spadari, which has long-since been home to some of the most original fare on offer anywhere in Milan! Three floors of chocolate and caramel-coated nuts and dried fruit, available in various pack-sizes that are absolutely perfect for inveterate singles and large families alike and all in a venue with Mary Poppins-type colours on the walls and display areas on the ground floor, designed to host targeted artistic expressions. I adore the place, even though I absolutely can’t afford to sample any of their products thanks to my hideous allergy, but nonetheless, choosing a gift here is still a pretty cathartic experience!



Washington n. 51 - Milano Tel 02 87386401 Go to the site
Having opened just a few months ago, WMilano is already well on its way to winning-over the somewhat staid Washington district with their myriad initiatives that complement their wide-ranging selection of costume jewellery, tableware, vintage outfits and accessories, garden furniture and so on and so forth: surprise cocktails, jazz evenings and book and poetry-readings are just some of the strictly free-of-charge recreational ideas that they offer each week for potential users and people in the know, who will also know that they need to get there early to avoid the rush!It’s impossible for you not to find a worthy candidate for one of their Portuguese soap-bars with heavenly wrapping, picnic cutlery sets on a covered rack with lid, Nineteen-Fifties table mirror-sets or very Great-Gatsby-style wide-brimmed hats.


Gelateria Marghera

Eating in Milan
Marghera n. 33 - Milano Tel 02 468641 Go to the site
I grew up on ice-cream from this place in via Marghera and realising that my personal favourite ice-cream joint has now become one of Milan’s “historical ice-cream parlours” makes me smile and feel terrible at the same time! Tempus fugit - How time flies!The Gelateria Marghera’s strength lies in a few very simple ingredients: quality, innovation and their exceptional friendliness! Genuinely-good basic products like real bananas and dark chocolate that doesn’t come out of a bag, an ability to adapt their range of ice-creams to suit the preferences of the locals or in response to changing trends and attentive customer service that has never wavered over the years, but rather matured!


The Spirit

Milan to Drink
Via Piacenza n. 15 - Milano Tel 02 84570612 Go to the site
Arredo cool e molto accattivante, scelta di cocktails da tutto il mondo, eseguiti con sapienza commovente, atmosfera rilassata e fascinosa: the Spirit lascia che la serata decolli con consapevolezza e magico divertimento!Via Piacenza n. 15. 
Last update: 17 February 2020

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