Extreme heat, stress off the scale and a total lack of energy: even our beautiful Milan needs to be left alone from time to time, so let’s head off!
What you need are some bags for medicines, bathing costumes and even some books, so a mandatory first stop is at High Tech, which remains an excellent and fun concept store even when things get extremely hot!
Next stop is at My Style Bags for a very Hamptons-style custom carrier-bag, perhaps even in a broad-stripe fabric!
If you’re after a rejuvenating trip then don’t forget to take along some good, if a bit unusual reading matter to keep you entertained, and the Libreria Verso is just the place to find what you’re looking for!
It’s perfectly okay to be exhausted when you head off on holiday, but never disorganised or undignified: Studio Estetico 11 mends boys’ and girls’ hearts and minds!
Finish off your holiday preparations with a hearty, traditional dinner that smacks of Milan the way we like it, and Olei is just the place to go and get yours!
Happy holidays to you all!



High Tech

Piazza XXV Aprile n. 12 - Milano Tel 02 6241101 Go to the site

First concept store arrived in town, High Tech is well performing nowadays: always new ideas for the table and the stationery as well, everyone could spend hours there with no reasons or purposes at all!
Simply great! 


My Style Bags

Corso Garibaldi n. 71 - Milano Tel 02 876342 Go to the site

I personally prefer their new outlet that looks out onto Corso Garibaldi (having had to resign myself to the closure of the "old little nook" on Corso Venezia), even though the Via Ruffini branch gives me a good excuse to visit Santa Maria delle Grazie again, which never ceases to amaze me.
Whichever branch you go to (Vincenzo Monti included and not forgetting their very reliable and useful online purchasing facility), you’ll be sure to find a linen Kelly, a weekend carryall, a colouring-pencil case or a beauty-case for your suntan lotions in an almost-infinite array of different colours and sizes to satisfy your every whim, right down to the style of lettering you prefer for the adhesive add-on monogram, wow!


Verso Bookshop

Corso di Porta Ticinese n. 40 - Milano Tel 02 8375648 Go to the site

A new address which will come to be home for many of us: Libreria Verso, a universe of intriguing books, a tempting cafeteria and a warm and welcoming play area for literary children!
All this at Corso di Porta Ticinese 40!


Studio Estetico 11

Ruffini n. 11 - Milano Tel 02 48513621 Go to the site

Located in an internal courtyard near the local public primary-school, with an air of perfection about it that is perhaps due to its proximity to Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”, Andrè Malbert’s Beauty salon is a prime example of the always up-to-date metropolitan oasis. Pastel-coloured walls, ethereal curtains and the smells of long-ago welcome you in and cocoon you for an hour or so: just the time it takes for a face-massage that could convert even the most ardent and incorruptible sceptic...just like me! Try it, be amazed and you’ll come back for more! Booking absolutely essential!


Da Vic Ristorante Guerrini

G. Previati n. 21 - Milano Tel 02 43515186 Go to the site

A cosy, perfectly presented and welcoming dining room, a carefully selected range of fish that is always so fresh it is still twitching, cuisine that is truly lively and dining-room service like that of yesteryear: this venue in Via Previati will just have to become your all time favourite spot to come and taste the sea!

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