I sometimes ask myself “How many drawings have become so familiar to me thanks to this teacher, how many librettos that he created have made me feel really grown up and how many paper lamps and decorated stones have creatively inspired my lucid, rational but rather primitive little mind since I was seven years old?”! Bruno Munari, together with my parents, gave me an entirely new perspective of the world, and of my place within it, and I would like to start this walk precisely at this MunLab in Via Sardegna, created by farsighted parents and dedicated teachers, which now offers disenchanted urban youngsters the opportunity to learn how to do things for themselves and to dream thanks to their own efforts. Next in line, It’s your personal duty and absolute responsibility to have a falafel with humus at Ba'Ghetto, where they serve up Kosher cuisine that’s almost as good, plain and simple as the rules for Snakes and Ladders! Respect for tradition, respect for a father’s efforts, and the care taken in the preparation of old-fashioned, healthy jams are all hallmarks of the Elli confectionery, located in the newly-revived Piazza Piemonte and now run by the founder’s daughter with the kind of stubborn determination and absolute passion that you’ll only ever find in the grateful child of a much-loved father.



For Kids
Sardegna n. 55 - Milano Tel 02 39401000 - 349 4090160 Go to the site
Having grown up with Bruno Munari’s books and workshops, when I heard that his School of mind and fun would “rising again” in Via Sardegna I got all emotional! Books and paper lamps, rice-paper masks, cardboard boxes that turn into the wings of a stage, amateur photographs and creations made with scissors and imagination, all orchestrated to open the hearts and minds of our little ones by letting them go back to using their hands in a constructive way right from their very earliest years of their lives without any fear that perhaps it’s too soon for this, but rather with the certainty that the ground is being well prepared for seeding right from the very beginning! Workshops designed for all ages and tastes alternate and all sorts of very special and unique themed birthday parties can be arranged. The team as a whole is extremely varied and very well prepared, but I simply have to reserve a special mention for the very talented Cinzia Corti.



Eating in Milan
Via Sardegna n. 45 - Milano Tel 02 4694643 Go to the site
In the footsteps of that magnificent cultural and gastronomic adventure that was the Re Salomone, Ba'Ghetto has now arrived here in town. We Milanese love the long-standing tradition of Roman-Jewish cuisine that always looks back on the past with light-hearted respect, because the Middle-eastern flavours of their classic dishes are modelled and tamed by those of the Capitoline tradition that we have always found so intriguing! There is room for improvement in terms of service and they need to pay more attention to the customers’ wishes and the natural differences between Rome and Milan, but time will undoubtedly level out these minor bumps in the road. No. 45, Via Sardegna. Closed Friday evenings and Saturday lunchtime.


Pasticceria Elli

Eating in Milan
Piazza Piemonte n. 8 - Milano Tel 02 48004788 Go to the site
I grew up on Mr. Elli’s winter jam-tarts which, when summertime came around, would magically turn into a light pastry filled to the brim with chocolate ice-cream!  Although he left us unexpectedly two years ago, his extremely determined daughter took on the challenge of upholding the family name and tradition with equivalent passion and dedication!  Their cream-horn and strawberry cake is always amazing, and it’s equally amazing to be able to count on such definite points of reference from our childhood!
Last update: 17 January 2020

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