About us

Silvia & Cristina
Metropolitan travel companions!

Sisters, night and day (classical vs. scientific studies, lawyer vs.architect, Thomas Mann vs. Virginia Woolf, Baricco vs. De Luca, travel vs. cooking), we find ourselves "nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita" to defend the idea of a lively and creative but demanding, punctual but distracted Milan. We hope that with this new adventure, entirely dedicated to our city and to our companions of daily metropolitan travel, to be able to create a well-gifted package designed to be entrusted to the present, to make it lighter, and also to be kept for the future, to make it more livable!





What else to add?

In my whistlist: a lighthouse as a holiday home, a Jacob Epstein mini sculpture, a trip to Lhasa and the first edition of "The enchanted mountain" by Thomas Mann.

Silvia Meucci

Born in Florence, raised in Milan:
practically, a perfect human being!

After a strong Liceo Classico (always grateful to the historic Beccaria);

Graduated in Law at Statale gives me, at the same time, formative and recreational years;

Cambridge manages to combine the desire to learn with the desire of sailing on the River Cam. I've ended up becoming a Lawyer, loaned to Structured Finance!

Severity is a must and, therefore, to remain human and continue to broaden newr horizons I can only exaggerate: with a lot of readings, ethnic cuisine and alternative photography, without forgetting ice skating, tennis and unconditional love for vintage fabrics!

In the meantime I've married a magnificent colleague, demanding but always funny and we had a daughter, a perfect combination of our strengths and weaknesses: we hope she will be always happy, despite her parents!

I love the old American movies of the 1940s, Gene Hackman and House of Cards.


Cristina Meucci

Milanese doc, but with undeniable Tuscan origins, I have always preferred numbers and calculations and, after Scientific studies, it seemed natural to me to become an Architect.

Between Albini and Mies van der Rohe, today I choose Dame Zaha Hadid for tenacity, determination and strong creativity! I decorate with pleasure by alternating iron and wood, fabric and plaster, marble and imagination.

I like the sense of color, the English gardens and the melancholy of Virginia Woolf, while I love a kitchen full of people with equally full glasses with wine, rigorously red!

I've a pearl of a daughter, she tests me every day and keeps me young in mind and body.


What to add?

In my whishlist: a house in the English countryside, a Ruskin watercolor and a Merlin magician bag, capable of containing and enclosing my whole world.

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