Although he committed suicide and died at only 26 years of age, Aaron Swartz nevertheless has significant and preferential connections with our Milan, which in fact has little or nothing at all to do with computer networks and global technology, but perhaps it’s precisely because of this apparent oxymoron that I’m pleased to offer a walk in memory of this brilliant and introverted, Chicago-born youngster who, at only 14 years of age, contributed to the establishment of the famous RSS code that now enables us to gather and circulate information on the Internet.

The guys of Reddit could take you on a guided tour of the obsolete yet ever-fascinating venues of the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia in Via De Amicis, via the Must Shop, which is well worth a regular visit before paying your respects at the Milan offices of Wired, located at No. 27, Piazza Castello and then worthily taking a seat at HUB in Via Paolo Sarpi to generously share your latest idea for a new start-up. Is this what you could call filling up on high-tech? It certainly is at Ham Holy Burger in Via Palermo (also in Via Marghera), where you get to order your food via iPad, or even at Panino Giusto in Via Carrobbio, not forgetting their recently opened  Academy in the Bocconi area, which is even game for the odd taste-bud technology conference!


Museum of Science and Technology

Via San Vittore n. 21 - Milano Tel 02 485551 Go to the site
The Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica is always a comforting haven for minds which may be tired but never tamed! The structure is perhaps a bit dated for younger children but it has nonetheless been able to refresh its educational and playful content with creativity and ingenuity through workshops which are always intriguing and constructive. The just opened "MUST Shop" further enlivens the Museum  as a whole - a remarkable example of a Concept Store, with its entrance on Via Olona 6.



Sarpi n. 8 - Milano Tel 02 40709253 Go to the site
A multipurpose centre which provides workstations and meeting areas for the young, just starting out in life, professional. Whether it be in the world of fashion, design or journalism, this centre provides a place for those who want to meet the world, head on and change it. Providing an atmosphere of openess and sharing with networking possibilities, growing both personally and professionally. A great idea.


Ham Holy Burger

Eating in Milan
Via Palermo n. 15 - Milano Tel 02 875510 Go to the site
Already an established institution in the ever-changing Brera district, this little nook of meat and sauce is really a novel idea! You place your order via Ipad, not essential but extremely fun because then, while you’re waiting for the food, you get to browse the Internet in good company!  You get to enjoy great hamburgers made from genuine Piedmont meat, dressed with a range of amazing, always-fresh sauces and served on excellent, well-leavened and very healthy buns! They also have a range of different potato side-orders to suit all tastes and inclinations!  Whether you prefer standard chips, matchstick chips or roast-potato lookalikes with or without Rosemary, you really can’t complain about their eclectic range high-quality options. The only down side is that they don’t take bookings! The younger sibling in Via Marghera is just as good!


Il Panino Giusto

Eating in Milan
Corso di Porta Ticinese n. 1 - Milano Tel 02 25060672 Go to the site
A chain that has animated Milan and its “sandwich” tradition since 1979 and is Italy’s way of honouring the memory of Lord John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich.  Il Panino Giusto’s bright green colour scheme has always focussed attention on the quality of their products in a reliable, restrained manner but also with just a touch of irony! Their new branch in the vicinity of the Colonne is super-high-tech and somewhat minimal but by no means cold, and very bright indeed!  This place definitely will make you want to return time and again.


Accademia del Panino Giusto

Pompeo Leoni n. 2 - Milano Tel 02 25544404 - 346 5045627 Go to the site
Fresh from its inauguration and set up in an ATM depot between Ripamonti and Bocconi, the Accademia del Panino Giusto has been promoted as Milan’s new arbiter of taste and training centre for lovers of quality cuisine and restaurants, pupils hoping over the years to be able to interpret its teaching with their own ideas and professional skills. Daring and visionary as every dream of the future must be! Already passed with full marks!
Last update: 09 April 2021

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