With the sparkling effervescence of Design Week invading the whole of Milan, you simply can’t stay cooped up at home!

So let’s stroll around Milan the way we like, starting off at the splendid, freshly renovated and ever attractive Spazio900 in Viale Campania. Then head off to the Le Dictateur concept store in Via Nino Bixio for a trendy experience before taking a moment to relax at the Baxter Cinema in Largo Augusto. While you’re still in the mood for a bit of inquisitive discovery, head down to the Brera district where the first and highly anticipated Carl Hansen & Son flagship-store awaits you, suitably decked out for Design Week with the ebony artworks of Rud Rasmussen. Then head a little further afield to pay your respects at the Molteni Museum:

Hooray for Design!



Spazio 900

Piazzale Susa n. 10 - Milano Tel 02 23058619 - 3356678937 Go to the site

If you love the cinema and darkroom and the snap action as viscerally as I do, it becomes almost compulsory to buy from Spazio 900, famous for its furniture coming direclyt from cinema halls and sets, intended for a new life and colour.
Furniture needing, pleading for a new home with you, a regaining of their primary function but this time in your living room..A beautiful addition to any home cinema.
Everything is available also online. Leaving no stone unturned...


Le Dictateur

Via Nino Bixio n. 47 - Milano Tel 02 88007310 Go to the site

Fabulous concept store, where you can find tapestry and cups, but also contemporary art and interesting books!

The more you visit it the more you learn to enjoy living!


Baxter Cinema

Largo Augusto n. 1 - Milano Tel 02 97070185 Go to the site

The Baxter Concept Store now inhabits the former home of the unforgettable President movie theatre: simply brilliant!
Magnificent seating, excellent drinks, unusual books and a truly cosseting atmosphere!


Carl Hansen & Son

Foro Buonaparte n. 20 - Milano Tel 340 4266636 Go to the site

Carl Hansen’s flagship store has come to town: exactly what we needed!
In Brera, of course!


Molteni Museum

Rossini n. 50 - Giussano (MI) Tel 800 387489 Go to the site

On the 80th anniversary of the foundation of its effervescent and prolific business, Molteno has given us a museum of memories, impressions and special collections designed by Jasper Morrison, to be visited assiduously!

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