New ways to experience Milan

Bianco Natale milanese

Special occasions

White Christmas in Milan

Let's really party and extol Christmas hoping that...

2h 21m

11.40 Km

Pensando alla prova costume...

Special occasions

Thinking about the swimsuit test...

In the awakening of the senses brought on by these...

3h 50m

18.41 Km

Easter Bunny milanese

Special occasions

Easter Bunny milanese

Let's enjoy these days of the Easter break, with a...

1h 55m

9.16 Km

Andar per addobbi...

Special occasions

Go for the ornaments...

This year the Christmas fever seems to have taken...


1.68 Km

La Compagnia del cigno

Special occasions

La Compagnia del Cigno (The Swan Company)

During the long days of discovering and...


3.30 Km

Il Natale quando arriva arriva!

Special occasions

When Christmas comes, it really comes!

In the performance anxiety that every Christmas...

2h 23m

11.42 Km

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