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Milano Vintage

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Vintage Milan

A Milan that honours the near past adores, without absolutely no doubt, the Casa Mangini Museum,...

2h 45m

13.28 Km

Da Brera in Centrale, tutto a piedi!

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From Brera to Central Station, everything on foot!

Taking a quick walk through the streets of Milan while thinking about training for some of the...


3.52 Km

Mad for ramen!

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Mad for Ramen!

Let's try to have a stroll in Milan looking forward to eating the best ramen in town!Ready, steady,...

2h 26m

11.73 Km

Ready, steady, go!

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Ready, steady, go!

If you’re sick and tired of the gloomy weather, the ever-stressful daily grind or the seemingly...

1h 12m

5.93 Km

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