Bruno Munari
on foot: 0.75km 10m
I sometimes ask myself “How many drawings have become so familiar to me thanks to this teache
Olga Zaini
on foot: 7.01km 88m
In these early days of November, when you really struggle to find the energy to keep going, a
Sorelle Giussani
on foot: 2.05km 26m
Fifty years have passed since the very first issue of Diabolik landed on the shelves, followe
Piero Fornasetti
on foot: 2.58km 33m
Eclectic, rebellious, imaginatively “outside the box” and totally immune to the hypocrisy of
Jole Veneziani
on foot: 3.60km 45m
In honour of "She who made Milan great" with her fabrics and creative ideas, courage and audacity and ignored
Rain Map
on foot: 8.10km 102m
In the midst of this latest never-ending rain and, dare I say it, the Great Flood of biblical proportions, why not beat
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