Lora Lamm
on foot: 16.80km 209m
In the current bedlam of publicity and much-debated and highly debatable advertising boards, I like to walk around Milan
Mariangela Melato
on foot: 6.99km 88m
Taking a walk in memory of Mariangela Melato is a real privilege, because having been able to get to know her via her ma
Olimpia Zagnoli
on foot: 11.63km 144m
A young Milanese making a name for herself in the notoriously difficult world of graphics? Wunderbar!
Pasqua Milanese
on foot: 5.26km 65m
For a traditional Milanese-style Easter that’s always open to new ideas, why not conceal a thoughtful, original gift a
Non solo Moda!
on foot: 80.51km 1,012m
In this week that’s all about an endless stream of fashion shows, let’s stroll through Milan to pay our respects to
Passione Natale
on foot: 5.35km 67m
To ensure that your Christmas is always special, you had better take a good look at the Christmas installations that Ros
Il FuoriSalone a modo nostro!
on foot: 5.59km 70m
An endless array of events and encounters are flooding the whole of Milan during these frenzied creative days of the Tra
Lisa Corti
An super-Milanese address that even the actress Mariangela Melato absolutely adored!
Happi Parati
Guri I Zì