Rain Map
on foot: 8.10km 102m
In the midst of this latest never-ending rain and, dare I say it, the Great Flood of biblical proportions, why not beat
Giorgio Gaber
on foot: 4.99km 61m
We certainly couldn’t exclude the eclectic Mr. G. from our list of well thought out walks!
Ulrico Hoepli
on foot: 1.78km 22m
I like to think back on the generosity of spirit, open-mindedness and reserved wisdom of this true-Milanese gentleman wh
Alessandro Manzoni
on foot: 3.78km 47m
I would like to dedicate this stroll around Milan’s sitting room on the search for lost time, to He who had the decenc
Mappa a modo nostro!
on foot: 5.43km 67m
In these bitingly cold days of February, why not try strolling around town hunting for interesting places full of histor
Ice cream for fun!
on foot: 6.78km 84m
What with the excruciating heat these days, why not take a leisurely stroll on the hunt for an even tastier ice-cream, s
W il cinema Apollo
on foot: 1.61km 19m
Given that we’re delighted to have an Apple Store right here in the centre of town (by the way, have you been there ye
Umberto Eco
on foot: 7.48km 93m
Greeting a Giant of Culture like Umberto Eco, who , for me, will forever be the Professor, is a difficult task that beco
Mappa Milano per Architetti
on foot: 9.86km 124m
After a year of Expo, various installations, non-place places and miscellaneous devilry by architects, some more famous
Mappa Design loves Milan
on foot: 32.43km 415m
With the sparkling effervescence of Design Week invading the whole of Milan, you simply can’t stay cooped up at home!