Sorelle Giussani
on foot: 2.05km 26m
Fifty years have passed since the very first issue of Diabolik landed on the shelves, followe
Piero Fornasetti
on foot: 2.58km 33m
Eclectic, rebellious, imaginatively “outside the box” and totally immune to the hypocrisy of
Rain Map
on foot: 8.10km 102m
In the midst of this latest never-ending rain and, dare I say it, the Great Flood of biblical proportions, why not beat
Henry Beyle
on foot: 8.54km 107m
Now here’s a Frenchman who loves Milan and deserves to be remembered, no matter what!
Gian Lupo Osti
on foot: 4.79km 60m
Gian Lupo Osti only spent a short while in Milan when, during the course of his brilliant career, he was appointed as Ma
Lalla Romano
on foot: 0.34km 4m
Now, off to Brera we go, to experience a few of the settings captured on paper and canvas by Lalla Romano.
on foot: 60.50km 757m
I like to remember the larger than life Piermarini for the gardening passion that helped him in designing the layout of
Mariangela Melato
on foot: 6.99km 88m
Taking a walk in memory of Mariangela Melato is a real privilege, because having been able to get to know her via her ma
on foot: 6.21km 78m
The images of the operetta "Al Cavallino Bianco" and the evenings spent in the RAI Uno Studios with Mina are s
Lucio Fontana
on foot: 1.17km 14m
Given the extent of the vilification and high praise that has rained down in equal measure upon the creator of “space